Hello world!

Hello everyone and that includes all my Filipino deaf friends out there! I am Jojo Esposa Jr. Welcome to my newest blog. This is all about the latest happenings and issues about the Deaf in the Philippines and also some latest computer and web technologies. I hope to hear from you soon. After  more than a year, this is my first time to write an actual blog. I hope I can sustain this. 🙂

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  1. Jo,

    Today was a tough day, what with knck-deep paper works to pull May 12 CRPD celebration through. Thank God for the overwhelming show of support from partners led by CBM’s Steve Alcantara who’s chairing the working group and DFA Min Estrada now chairing the IDN.

    We missed you but I was right to treat myself to your blog, narelax and nabusog ako heart and soul -sa house visits nyo, by the sea’ you deserve such treat Jo, you work very hard…

    Teach me one day to make my blog too, k ba? Tom mtng na to detail the Unity March and Thanksgiving Mass and Courtesy Call – lahat positive.. (:

  2. Thanks Ma’am Nel! Actually the house visits were part of our outreach work for our students. So technically it is work. We just added the leisure component to that. 🙂

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