Four Days of House Visits

Deaf students and Sir Jeff sitting on a beach with MCCID shaped in sandHello to everyone who might have a chance to read my blog. You know writing oftentimes is very therapeutic. I need to have a therapy for free. So I write a blog. ūüôā

Last April 17 – 20, around six of us left from Manila to the North. I was accompanied by four deaf persons, three ladies (Marife, Cindelyn and¬†Maricel)¬†and one gentleman (Ace) who happens to be the husband of one of the ladies (Maricel). This is also the first time that I am travelling with a hearing person, Jefferson. Most of the time, I am the only hearing person. Although¬†Sir Jeff can hear, he is technically a deaf person because his first language is sign language. His parents are both deaf so he is practically living in a deaf world. He is still in his late teens but he is very skilled in almost every aspects and a great companion.¬†We are very¬†blessed to have him as one of¬†the faculty¬†of MCCID.¬†I’m glad that he was with me because I was able to rest my “interpreting hands”.¬†Although, I cannot prevent him¬†from leaving, I pray that he stays in MCCID longer. ūüôā

First stop was in Alcala, Pangasinan where we met the father of Marife Bandong. Lorenzo Baraoil only joined us at Marife’s house because his place is quite near hers. After a few short chats and a bag of freshly-picked-from-tree carabao mangoes later, we headed to Lorenzo’s house. A 15-minute tricycle away and we arrived to Lorenzo’s house where we were greeted by a warm Ilocano style by his Auntie and the rest of the relatives.¬†Lorenzo’s parents were both¬†working in¬†Dubai.¬†

We then slept in one of his Lola’s¬†rest houses a few meters away. The place was very elegant and not a typical provincial home. It was fully furnished and every fixtures are terno from cabinets to drawers and cupboards.¬†

The following day, we¬†left for Bauang, La Union to meet with another deaf, Jerome Marzan.¬†We were also warmly greeted¬†by¬†his family. Jerome was with Ericson, another deaf whom we will visit the following day. It was a pleasant surprise to experience a natural provincial ambiance with farms and fruit-bearing trees abound. Also, there were no running water from the faucet so we have to pump water from underground called “poso” and bring pales to the comfort room. This is good for a change.

The next day, we had a grand time soaking ourselves wet on the beach of La Union which is almost a kilometer away from Jerome’s house. I didn’t say swimming because none of us swam. Everybody waited for bigger waves to pass by us and threw us near the¬†shore. It was truly an exciting and funny one especially when Marife swallowed a cupful of sand and saltwater. We all bursted with laughter when she walked¬†limpy towards the shore gesturing that¬†she can’t breath well due to saltwater in her throat. I don’t know why we¬†chuckled to her instead of pitying her.¬†Jerome was the culprit.¬†He just let her being¬†succumbed by raging waves.¬†He¬†defended himself saying that it’s Marife’s fault. She always opens her mouth. That was a blast.

Later that day we prepared for a travel to Sta. Maria, Ilocos Sur. It was another exciting experience because I had never been to that place. It was Ericson’s turn to guide us. We were again warmly greeted by his mother who was very sweet and made us very comfortable. Actually, it was not their house. It was the house of his mother’s younger sister. The place was fabulous. It had a very huge garden, sort of like a resort, complete with a big cottage and some landscaping. We again had a taste of a famous Ilocano hospitality.

Sea foods, seeweeds and other delicacies
The next day, we were very eager to go back to the beach. We were thinking that we just go there, swim, then come back to rest. But we were all¬†very much¬†surprised when a grand preparation waited for us.¬†Almost¬†all of Ericson’s relatives were there. The food was overflowing. Seafood and seaweeds dominate the buffet. We were treated¬†like¬†royalty by Ericson’s parents. They really took care of us. Ilocos Sur beach was good but nothing compared to the¬†breathtaking waves of La Union, surfer’s haven.¬†Anyway, we¬†equally enjoyed the beach. We made long dips or “babad”¬†from 11:00 am, pause for lunch and continued until 5:00 pm. You could just imagine¬†our skins all burned and not just¬†suntanned.

In the evening, after a hearty meal, we all headed home.¬†Jerome and Lorenzo stayed for another day at¬†Ericson’s house. It was truly an exciting event. I wish we could do it again, but¬†I don’t think it will happen again for our next batch of “House Visits”.

Why do we have House Visits?

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