Yay! First 1000 Visits!

Yay! My site reached 1000 visitors! I’m so happy. Maybe some of you think it’s kinda cheap celebrating it or, a thousand hits is too low compared to most blog sites. Well, heck! I did it with pride. 🙂

After barely two weeks and nine posts later, I finally made it. Although this blog was created more than a year ago, March 6, 2007 to be exact, I only started posting seriously last April 26. And by God’s grace, I was able to do more entries and revived my old love, writing.

I hold on to WordPress’ promise that my visit to site doesn’t count. So more or less the numbers are pretty accurate and I did not include myself among the visitors of my site. hehehe

Like the usual acceptance speech that we hear from academy award winners, I would like to thank the following who made all of these possible : :-)))

  • WordPress.com – Thanks for putting up this bloghosting thingie and for hosting my blog site.
  • DeafRead Logo

  • Guys from www.deafread.com! – Please give yourselves the pat on the back. You’re doing a swell job! Imagine, you collate all blogposts from almost a thousand sites and carefully selecting what will appear on the your site that can be read and digested by deaf, hard-of-hearing or the general public. How did you ever think of doing a specialized blog directory? Nearly 80% of my readers were referred by deafread. I just wish I can put that nifty deafread badge listing on this site. But WordPress is strict in not allowing javascripts. Anyway, keep up the great work and a high five to you guys!
  • Jeff and Me

  • Jefferson Cortez – He is my first blog inspiration. Jeff is my hearing “house visit” buddy, a fellow sign language interpreter and instructor at Manila Christian Computer Institute for the Deaf. I have already told him that he’s such a great blessing not only for me but for the school and for the deaf themselves by supporting the endeavors of his deaf parents and continuing their legacy. This talented young man is a cut above the rest. Thanks Jeff. 🙂
  • Ervin and Me

  • Ervin Reyes – He is my top blog inspiration. Ervin is my deaf companion since I can remember. He has been with me through thick and thin. He is so close to me that he was already adopted by my family! I treat him as my younger brother and a loyal best friend. He is the only one that keeps me from getting off my sanity and from answering my question, “Why the heck am I still sticking it out with the deaf community after all these years? I won’t go places with them!” God bless you my Brother Ervin!
  • Christianity Symbol

  • My Savior Jesus Christ – He is my ultimate inspiration. Seventeen years ago, I have prayed to Him to give me a ministry that is unique and many Christians would dare not venture into. I used to be involved with the music ministry of our church as a pianist, choir member and an occasional Sunday School teacher at Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church in Quezon City. But He has a different purpose in me. He would strip me of my love for music and put me into the silent world. Nah, I still love music. But my passion for soundless things gave me another way of serving Him. To Christ be the Glory!

Looking forward to the next posts and another 1000 visitors! 🙂

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