Deaf Big Brother Housemate Evicted

Priscilla Navidad\
The results for Saturday’s Eviction Night for Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition are in, The Deaf Dreamer of Davao, Priscilla Navidad is EVICTED!

Here is an excerpt of the article:

The Deaf Dreamer was actually all smiles when she saw the crowd outside Kuya’s house. When asked by Luis how she feels at the moment, Pris was very positive about everything. “Ok lang, para sa ‘kin masaya pa rin ako. Kasi kahit paano na nagawa ko pa rin yung dream ko. This is a very big impact for me, to be in this house. Kahit pa kung ako ang naging first evictee, I’m very happy.” (It’s Ok for me. I’m still happy. At least I fulfilled my dream. Even if I’m the first evictee, I’m very happy.) The young lady also apologized to her mom for being a “bad girl” inside the house. She knows that everything is God’s will and that He has plans for her.

Here is Priscilla’s biodata.

Frankly speaking, I’m not a big fan of reality shows especially the ones pretending to be one but with an ulterior motive of finding potential moneymaking actors and actresses to be used by a big TV network here in the Philippines. I know it’s a craze here in our country and I’m pretty sure it is worldwide. However, I don’t find it entertaining. They are being watched on TV by millions of people so they must always be conscious of what they do and say. That’s unnatural and make believe for me, a far cry from what is “reality”.

Now, why did I put an article about her here? Well, I find her story amusing. First, this is the first time they included a deaf as housemate. I think Priscilla is the first of her kind in the history of Endemol’s worldwide franchise. Second, I watched one of the episodes, where Priscilla was being interviewed by the hosts. Although she tries her very best to understand what was asked, she cannot fully grasp what was said. So she made facial gestures telling the host she has no idea what the question is about. She kept on prodding her other housemates to voice interpret for her. Well, some of them felt a bit irritated and uncomfortable about it. The host even showed exasperation by shouting at her. Third, she rarely signs. She always talk although the words are unclear at times. tsk tsk tsk

However, the good thing that came out of this is that it created awareness among Filipinos. There is a growing deaf community in our country that needs to be given equal treatment. 🙂

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