Yay! Next 1000 visits!

Yay! My site again reached another 1000 visits! I know I sound too silly and my happiness is too shallow. Hey! Every milestone is worth remembering and I am remembering this. 🙂

I wasn’t able to post any new entry for almost ten days because I was too busy running our deaf school. We celebrated our 10th graduation ceremonies where 36 of our deaf students marched down the aisle wearing their togas and received their diplomas. I will post some exciting articles related to that.

I also attended the “First Summer Institute on Deaf Wellnes and Formation” last May 12 sponsored by the Catholic Ministry for the Deaf People. I was with my hearing buddy Jeff. When they found out that Jeff is a CODA, they were all surprised. I heard many oohhs and wows in the crowd appreciating him. 🙂

Boy, the seminar was really an eye opener and a nerve-whacking thing. It focused on deaf abuses by hearing people and by deaf themselves. I thought I had the worst experiences when it comes to deaf maltreatment. But I learned from some participants that there are even worst cases than mine. I will post here some snippets of those in my future blog entries. 🙂

A bit of an info for me; when I post regular entries, I usually get 100 or so visits except for the testing for hearing loss which was seen by more than 150 visitors. But when I posted a video, a whooping 400 people logged in to YouTube and viewed it!  It is now seen by more than 10,000 web surfers! Thanks to the additional exposure brought about by this blog. hmmmm….

Thank you very much to all my readers. I will try my best to post at least one vlog a month. 🙂


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