3 Part Drama Video on Deaf Abuse – Part 1

I have been busy lately so I wasn’t able to update my blogs. We are opening our school year for MCCID this June so we are doing lots of preparations like class schedulings, orientation sessions, sprucing up the classrooms, etc. But I already have a list of unpublished titles ready to be uploaded as soon as I have polished my sentences. 🙂

This is a 15-minute (3 parts) sub-titled dramatization of a true story about a Filipina who was physically abused by her uncle when she was still in high school. We removed some of the exact details in order to protect the identity of the deaf lady. She has already recovered from this nightmarish incident and is now happily married to a deaf man and has since migrated to another country.

Just like the Deaf Stress Video, this is again a project of our Deaf students in their video presentation subject. So all actors are amateurs. Actors portraying as hearing characters are also deaf. Our talented Deaf teacher Sir Ervin Reyes is the overall director and editor.

Since it’s quite long and YouTube only allows a maximum of 100mb, we have divided it into three parts. Here is Part 1 (8 minutes):

6 thoughts on “3 Part Drama Video on Deaf Abuse – Part 1

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  1. I noticed some signs are like ASL. I look forward to seeing the next one.
    Thanks for sharing. It’s so interesting to watch their sign language. I can understand what they are speaking!

  2. Hello all.good day,hope you are deaf and i want to be your friend is all on facebook welcome you.this i like deaf drama joke good thank you.text me?

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