Are Deaf people in need of healing?

Fr. Fernando Suarez - Photo courtesy of
Fr. Fernando Suarez - Photo courtesy of

While I was having a quick scan on my favorite online newspaper, the Philippine Daily Inquirer, I chanced upon this news item entitled “Stage set for RP as global healing center”.

Our country, being a former Spanish colony, is a devout Catholic. Spiritual healers and so called “quack doctors” are a dime-a-dozen here. Then there are healing priests. Fr. Fernando Suarez, is one of those. He became popular in the country because he was able to heal the blind, deaf, mute and lame. There are series of “miraculous signs” that happened while he is around and for sure thousands of people believed in him. Whenever he preaches, throngs of devotees flock to the church where he is.

In his homilies, Suarez always cites the lack of prayer, the no-longer-having-time-for-the-Lord attitude, as the essential ingredients behind His disappointment (manifested in rampant terminal ailments such as cancer) and His joy when people return to His fold (manifested in rampant healing). He uses Suarez’s touch as an instrument for these messages, which are as old as those in Genesis and Exodus.

Fr. Fernando Suarez CC, was born in the Province of Batangas in 1967. After spending much of his life living and working in the Philippines, with a Chemical Engineering degree, he came to Winnipeg, Canada in 1995. In Canada, he continued to pursue his desire to follow the Lord as a Roman Catholic Priest, something he strongly felt God was calling him to become. In 1997 he joined the Companions of the Cross religious community of priests and seminarians, founded by Rev. Robert Bedard in 1985 in Ottawa, Canada, and Fr. Fernando was ordained to the priesthood in 2002.

I have not seen him personally nor have I seen him heal the deaf and blind. I also haven’t met any deaf or blind who can prove that they were healed through his ministry. But there was this recurring TV commercial late in the evening where he was able to partially heal a blind boy. His parents were interviewed and testified about the miracle through Fr. Suarez’s touch. Well, the Bible states that Jesus was able to make the blind see and the deaf hear. I believe that because I’m a born-again Christian. But going back to my question, are deaf people really in need of healing?

To know more about Fr. Suarez and seek Divine healing, visit his official website at:

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One thought on “Are Deaf people in need of healing?

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  1. Your skepticism is well placed. In the fine print on their website (, Suarez and his group confess that they don’t claim healings have taken place. They say that it is up to medical experts to decide that. Needless to say, no medical investigative body has been commissioned to look into Suarez’s so called healings.

    There are many much more credible explanations for the the claimed cures: Placebo effect, psychosomatic illnesses, post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy, misdiagnoses, temporal variability of symptoms of diseases, etc.

    As you say, there are many quacks. There are many deluded who believe they can heal. There are also many scammers who make it a living to dupe people (eg. Phil. psychic surgeons who’ve bilked many a foreigner).

    (I myself am practically deaf in one ear due to congenital conditions.)

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