Deaf-mute girl raped in front of deaf classmate

This one is disgustingly horrible! It just happened a couple of days ago. The news article was written in our vernacular. I’ll try my best to translate it accurately in English for our international readers.

STA. CRUZ, Laguna Province – A drug addict ruthlessly raped a deaf-mute student in front of his male classmate, after they were both abducted two days ago, in Barangay Gatid of this town.

As of yesterday, the victim named “Sarah”, a student of Baptist Heritage Bible College School for Deaf and Mute  are still covered with fear while giving her statement to PO1 Andrea Abion of Womens’ Concerned Desk. The suspect, Leo Salvador, 26 years old, single, was arrested by C/Insp Frederisk Mead, Cheaf of Police in Sta. Cruz.

According to Mead,at around 9:30 in the evening, the “Sarah” was walking together with her classmate Jerry Falcon, 21 after attending a church service when they were allegedly stopped by the suspect which was under the influence of drugs near Sunstar Mall.

They were forced by the suspect into a dark and grassy place. Because the two cannot speak, they were not able to shout to ask for help or escape. When they arrived at the crime scene, the suspect started to forcively undress the deaf while touching her private parts. While he is doing his hideous acts, he coerced Jerry to kneel beside him and watch while he is doing his merciless deed. Despite his refusal, he cannot do anything because of fear.

Relatives of the victim noticed that she was not yet home for more than an hour after the church service so they decided to look for her. After a few minutes the suspect was caught in the hands of the police who responded from Sta. Cruz Intelligence Operatives led by P/Insp. Percival Gabinete.

Even if she was still in the state of trauma, “Sarah” still insisted on the policemen that Falcon has no hand on the crime and she positively pointed on the suspect who did it.

Visit the Tagalog version entitled Pipi’t bingi ni-rape sa harap ng kaklase” – People’s Journal Online Edition reported by Mr. Gil Aman.

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