Yay! First 5000 visits!

Yay! My site reached 5000 visits! It’s another milestone in my blogging stint. I promised myself that I will celebrate every time I reach 1000 visits. Actualy, its already 5,223.  So here I am again after 30 blog entries in almost four months! I thought I can never do this.  I know I am shallow but hey, this is mine, ok? hehehe

A few days ago, I read a blog post which states:

It would be such a big waste of time if you make a blog and nobody reads it.

She is definitely right. I should have done other more productive or profitable endeavors than writing a blog. I don’t even get money out of this. But I take pleasure in blogging simply because I write what is from my heart and I know that there are people out there who read my blog, no matter how few they are.

Aside from that, I continue to practice my English. I have been with the Deaf and boy, their English is still much to be considered! Most of the time I get too much frustrated reading their text messages and even writing a simple excuse letter in my class. Deaf people (at least in my country) often write the way they sign. Everybody who is familiar with Deaf community knows that sign language has its own distinct word order and syntax. The problem with the Deaf is that they write what they sign. I’ll tackle about this peculiar “culture” they have on my future blog entry.

The Deaf’s life is so colorful, their culture is so rich. I still have many tales to tell, stories to say and dramas to discover about them. So, thank you very much my dear readers. Thank you also for those who made wonderful comments. I hope I may continue to be inspired in doing this. 🙂


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