Blogs are biggest sources of viruses on the Web–Sophos

Once in a while, I try to veer away from my main topic which is all about Deaf. This is one of them. I’d like to share with you readers, especially bloggers, what kind of threats our readers can get from reading our blogs! I posted here an article from Philippine Daily Inquirer. READERS, BEWARE! 🙂

MANILA, Philippines — Blogs are the riskiest websites to visit because these are the biggest sources of viruses on the Internet, according to antivirus firm Sophos. As end-users become more aware about viruses via email, hackers are instead embedding viruses into websites that threaten unsuspecting visitors.

On average, Sophos detected more than 16, 000 malicious web pages every day — or one every five seconds — during the first six months of 2008. This is three times faster than last year’s figures. In its report, Sophos noted that the number one host for malware on the Web is Blogger, which allows users to create blogs for free (with URLs that end in “”). [Does WordPress carry the same threat? – mine]

Sophos estimates that blogs created on Blogger account for two percent of infected webpages. According to Sophos, hackers either set up malicious blogs using Blogger, or place comments into unsuspecting blogs that contain links to websites that contain viruses.

Visit the Philippine Daily Inquirer News link

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