Deaf Dance

Although not part of the academic program being offered to our deaf students at MCCID, physical education or PE is one of the subjects that they enjoy taking every semester. We often had the usual outdoor sports activities like basketball, volleyball and badminton, as well as indoor ones like table tennis, chess and even scrabble. We even celebrate sports festival every February of each year where teams compete against each other in fun and games.

But then one of our students suggested to me,

Why don’t we offer dance as part of sports activity?

I said to him, “Why not?” Dance is now considered as a popular sporting event and I am a big fan of deaf dancers in our country. Hearing the music is not a hindrance. All it takes is to feel the vibration, count the beats, follow the rhythm and enjoy! So we decided to include it as part of their activity. The deaf were so excited to learn about this new addition. 🙂

Shown below is the video of a slow dance interpretation performed by MCCID first year group during the annual Acquaintance Party held last 2007. The group danced to the Christian music entitled “People Need the Lord” rendered by a Filipino pop icon Gary Valenciano. The group was led by a promising amateur deaf dancer named Lucky McGill Paltep. Enjoy!

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