Yay! First 7000 visits!

Yay! Ten days and five posts later, my site reached another milestone of 7000 visits! I promised myself that I will post a blog entry every time I reach 1000 visits. So here I am again! Thank you very much to my worldwide readers especially the Americans! 🙂

After changing my site’s WordPress design theme, I will also be adding some feature stories here. They are of course related to my main topic, the Deaf. I will feature famous Filipino Deaf (or for this matter, make him/her famous by putting him/her in my blog ehem) whom I personally know or is familiar with so that I may add my own comments and validity. I apologize if I can’t include Deaf from other schools or institutions because I may not do justice on their achievements.

I will also feature successful institutions and foundations for the deaf in the Philippines. Now this is exciting because I know of many tireless groups that are mostly run by hearing people who have placed their hearts in helping the deaf community.

After four months of active blogging and 42 posts later, I thought I may run out of issues and things to say about a nominal topic such as “deaf” unlike say, computers or web designing (my other love). But now, I see the vastness and seemingly endless issues, concerns, developments and even controversies that are there regarding deafness and deaf people waiting to be blogged. 🙂

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