My Advice on Deaf Dating Scam

It seems that this issue has attracted many curious readers to my blog. I am one with most Filipino Deaf communities in condemning these nefarious acts. This has got to stop. It tarnishes the good image of Filipinas worldwide.

I have been witness to many engagements and eventual altar vows between a Filipina Deaf and a Deaf foreigner. They live blissful lives and some of them even send me cards and photos. Just last May, I was one of the principal sponsors in a church wedding of my former Deaf student who got married to a German. I even became their interpreter because the assigned one was absent. The couple is doing very well.

I googled “Deaf Dating Scam” on YouTube and most of the results involve only one notorious Filipina deaf. She does not represent the entire Filipino Deaf population. Filipino ladies are beautiful, skilled especially in housework, good-natured, and most importantly, caring. We are being sought after worldwide in hospitals and other caregiving institutions.

What I can advise to you romantic Deafies out there are:

    • NEVER, EVER send money or other materials online unless it’s out of your generosity and not expecting anything in return.
    • Don’t skip long courtships. I know the Internet promotes speed. But not in building lifelong relationships. Knowing a person takes time. Don’t rush.
    • If the Deaf invites you to come to the Philippines, you must know the exact itinerary and complete details of your stay. Although you won’t experience warm Filipino hospitality if you stay in a hotel, it’s the best thing to do. You can still get a chance while you are already here.
    • Seek other people who might be familiar with this deaf person. The one that has the highest credibility are schools for the deaf. Ask what high school she graduated from or college she attended. Then contact the school to verify her claim. They would be very gracious enough to answer your queries. MCCID’s website has an almost complete and regularly updated directory of special education centers nationwide including their contact information. Get your data there.

Dating has become so high-tech that you can connect to another individual simply by looking at his/her photos on the Internet. It has brought a tremendous impact especially on deaf people where the communication barrier has been broken. However, it’s best to be informed and protect yourself from these unscrupulous people. 🙂

Here is a three-part video of an anonymous deaf explaining about the proliferation of scams. 🙂

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