Can you spot a Deaf person in the midst of a mall?

Last Sunday, after interpreting at a morning worship service in Capitol City Baptist Church Deaf Ministry, my deaf friends and I decided to stroll in a nearby mall. There was a 3-day sale at SM North Edsa and there was literally teeming with humanity hunting for great bargains. We were more interested in gadgets and laptop peripherals for sale so we went straight to the Cyberzone section. I was able to buy a replacement headphone for my Ipod Nano a lot cheaper although not original.

Afterward, we decided to enter in a popular clothing shop called Bench to look for cheap yet fashionable shoes. We also want to spot a Deaf sales assistant who is willing to help us. You see, Bench has been accepting Deaf persons as sales crew for many years now. That’s most likely the reason why they are successful in their business. They hire persons with disabilities.

With the sea of humanity all around us doing their thing, it would be very difficult to find a Deaf sales lady. So, we opted to make ourselves as bait. We used sign language while discussing what to buy. Sure enough, a Deaf lady approached us. She was Mary Grace, my former student. She helped us in selecting the right shoes and led us to the counter. We chose not to hold her much longer so that she can also attend to others.

This gives me a conclusion that unless a Deaf person signs, he/she is considered to be just “one of us.” 🙂

I got this DailyMotion video of a lovely teenaged American Deaf lady named Nicole who explicitly discoursed her experience in spotting a deaf person. Her story fits my topic. She has her own blog named Nicole Strom. Happy viewing. 🙂

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