Yay! First 8000 Visits!

Yay! Nine days and four posts later, my site reached another milestone of 8000 visits! I promised myself that I will post a blog entry every time I reach 1000 visits. So here I am again! Thank you very much to my worldwide readers especially from USA. You comprise 70% of my readers! Eventhough this is a Philippine based blog, this is quite unique because only 8% of my viewers are from my home country. This is based on my Alexa traffic ranking. The analysis also jibed with my Geo Counter rating.

Although the stats result is a good thing, I also feel alarmed because my priority target audience should always be my country where rampant discrimination against Deaf people still exists. My main aim of creating awareness among my countrymen has to come first. I also want this blog to be a powerful venue for my fellow Filipinos to ventilate their problems regarding common issues and of course, disability related. That way, concerned authorities will know and take actions to rectify them.

On this reason, I decide to ocassionally post articles in my own language, Tagalog. I admire popular Filipino bloggers like my favorite Ms. Shari Cruz of her award-winning Misteryosa.com who post articles that create real impacts.

One case in point: Last July, our school had a terrific (in other words, TERRIBLE) problem of Internet disconnection with Bayantel which lasted for ALMOST ONE MONTH! You could just imagine a computer school without Internet is just like saying, a meat shop without meat! Now, talk about good service which they flamboyantly flaunt in their website!

Good thing I opened her blog and lo and behold! We had the same problem! What’s interesting is that Bayantel Customer Service took time to post a message to her blog seeking apology. Now I realized how powerful her blog is, or any blog for that matter. So I posted my ramblings in Tagalog. True enough, a few days later, they went to our school and repaired it (sigh). Shari even posted a complete article about my ramblings. Hooray for Shari and all the Filipino bloggers out there who fight for our rights to better service! 🙂

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