Filipino Deaf from American Deaf’s Eyes

After posting two controversial and destructive articles about a scam involving Filipina Deaf, I have created quite a sizable viewers’ interest in my blog. In fact, those two articles shoot up to the top two highest visitors of this blog per day. My top one was when I featured the Deaf Stress vlog. It may be a sad reality where our Deaf got involved with immoral actions. But at least I was able to warn the international Deaf community to be careful in dealing with anyone on the Internet.

Was that really what my beloved homeland appears from the Deaf community worldwide? A scammer country? I hope not. Surely, the Americans have something positive to say about my countrymen.

Fortunately, I was able to get hold of this video log of a 34-year-old American Deaf named Thomas from Florida, USA. He gave his personal warm ASL to Deaf Filipino/Philippines. He was very thankful for Filipino Deaf people for being warm and friendly. He has many Filipino Deaf friends living in the US and he has grown fond of them. He even invites Deaf in the Philippines to communicate with him. Thank you very much, Thomas!

Note about Filipino Sign Language (Observe Thomas’ signing.):

PhilippinesOur official sign for the Philippines is “P circles and taps S hand face down”. It’s like signing the word “island” but changed to P.

FilipinoIt is signed “F circles near the nose.”

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