“First Class” Hotel proudly run by Deaf People

This is the first of a series of features that focuses on famous Filipino Deaf as well as worthwhile institutions and foundations for the deaf in the Philippines. It’s my way of recognizing their feats and showcase their successes all over the world. 🙂

Dao Diamond Hotel Facade
Dao Diamond Hotel Facade

Meet, Dao Diamond Hotel!

Located in the majestic island paradise of Bohol, sometimes called the “Little Hawaii”, this one-of-a-kind hotel boasts of their best service possible. With their warm and friendly Boholano Hospitality, you will definitely enjoy staying with them.

Deaf workers sporting the I Love You hand sign in front of reception lounge
Deaf Hotel Employees

Dao Diamond is situated in the capital city of Tagbilaran. They specialize in medium size live-in seminars, student study-tours, as well as individual local and international tourist accommodations.

What is exceptionally unique with this hotel, is that more than half of their employees are Deaf! All of their tour operators and employees are required to learn sign language. They have Deaf receptionists, Deaf attendants/bell boys and even Deaf chefs. They also offer friendly “Sign Language” tours to various scenic spots of the island.

Dao Diamond Hotel is owned and operated by International Deaf Education Association (IDEA) Philippines, a non-profit foundation that is working to educate impoverished and neglected deaf children and blind children in the Philippines. They have been in existence since 1985. 100% of the profits from the hotel they operate benefits the more than 300 deaf children of Bohol. This means that when you book a room with them, you are also helping deaf children get quality education, training and support.

Sample Deluxe Room
Sample Deluxe Room

I have not been to this hotel much less set foot on Bohol island although visiting the place has been one of my direst dreams. I also have no connection with the operators of the hotel although IDEA Philippines’ American founder Mr. Dennis Drake emailed me a couple of times last year asking for link to their site and requesting for scholarship grants for their graduate to study at MCCID.

However, based on what I heard from my Deaf and hearing friends who have already been there, they all give very positive feedbacks from the place. The Deaf people there are very friendly, cordial and even provide the extra courtesy service to their guests. They have a great program going on there which is very admirable. I definitely recommend the place. 🙂

Philippine Tarsier, the worlds smallest monkey lives in Bohol island.
Philippine Tarsier, the world's smallest monkey lives in Bohol island.

Bohol island is a one hour flight South from Manila, or a one and a half hour trip by fast ferry. Daily flights are offered to and from the place. It has a generally fair climate. The island is also a gateway to Cagayan De Oro City and nearby Cebu City. What’s special on the island is its famous Chocolate Hills, the Philippine Tarsier, dolphin watching and white sand beaches.

Chocolate Hills
Chocolate Hills in Bohol is nominated as New 7 Wonder of the World. The hills turn chocolate brown during summer and lush green during rainy season

So to my Deaf readers worldwide, when you visit the Philippines, do spend a few days in Bohol and stay at Dao Diamond Hotel. They also have a sister hotel named IDEA Pension House located in Jagna, Bohol. You definitely won’t regret it.

For more details, bookings and reservation, please contact the hotel at this link.

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