Yay! First 10000 Visits!

Our Deaf Students at MCCID
Our Deaf Students at MCCID

Yay! Five months, 56 posts and 71 readers’ comments later, my site reached the great milestone of 10,000 visits! Hooray for me! hehehe

Thank you very very much to my worldwide readers which comprise 80% of my visitors! Of course, I am also grateful for my countrymen who read my blog. This is for you. I’m so elated that I reached these many visitors. At first, I thought that people would not come and read my site for the simple reason that the main topic that I chose does not appeal to everybody. It only caters to a unique, remarkable and truly amazing group of people, the Deaf community.

But now I realize that blogging for the deaf may appeal universally with the sole aim of telling people that , “Hey, the Deaf are human beings, too. They are not like some sick guys who need healing. They are a community that have the same rights as anybody else. They only want to be understood and accepted“. 🙂

In my WordPress blog, I have noticed some interesting statistics. For example:

  • Deaf Stress Video is my top blog post which is also a video log. This amateur video made by our deaf student centers about the struggles of a deaf person in finding a job is also our top video post in our YouTube channel. It has received almost 20,000 visitors since last year.
  • I found out that vlogs attract most deaf readers which is understandable. Deaf people are highly visual. Mere words are unappealing for them. That is why six out of my top ten posts are video logs.
  • Deafread.com is my top referrer site. 88% of my web traffic comes from Deafread although they only comprise 38% of my total visitors. The rest comes from returning viewers and of course, from Google.
  • The most searched keyword is “deaf video“. Again, this is understandable.
  • My busiest day was in Tuesday, June 17, 2008 where 302 people visited my site. That was when I posted the 3-part Drama Video on Deaf Abuse.

Although WordPress is a great free bloghosting site, it still lacks specialized information when it comes to your site’s statistics unlike say, Google Analytics. You don’t know visitor’s data according to country, number of page views, average time a person stays on the site, etc. I also have no idea about the number of people who reads my blog through RSS feeds. They don’t allow Javascripts embedded on the blogs in order to protect us against potential viruses. It’s ok. I’m not complaining so long as it’s FREE!

Next time, I’ll be congratulating myself only after 2500 posts. So to my worldwide readers, thank you, thank you, thank you very much for reading my blog. 🙂

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