On teaching the deaf

A school for the deaf is unlike any other regular school. You can compare them based on many aspects. Even schools for the deaf also have varying degrees of difference. One basic distinction is its class size. Hearing schools in the Philippines normally have a population of 50 or more per class, depending on how... Continue Reading →

Examples why English is hard to Interpret into Sign Language

Do you think interpreting for the deaf is like a walk in the park? Think again. Duplicate words within the same sentence have different meanings. Some sound different, but are spelled the same. An interpreter must sign the correct meaning, not just the word. Now how do we sign the following?

When does a joke becomes a ridicule?

When does a deaf person perceive a given situation to be a joke? When does he think that he is already being discriminated or being mocked? How do they draw the line between someone throwing a harmless joke and one that is already harassing? Given the deaf's inability to hear makes them vulnerable of being... Continue Reading →

Deaf girl rescued from prostitution house

Wednesday, September 24, 2008 SAN LEONARDO, Nueva Ecija – A deaf-mute and another companion were rescued by elements of the Nueva Ecija police following a series of lightning raids of 40 establishments along the national highway here suspected of being fronts of prostitution. Senior Superintendent Ricardo Marquez, Philippine National Police provincial director, said that the... Continue Reading →

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