Camfrog and the Deaf World

Camfrog Symbol with Philippine Flag and Globe

No. I did not make this post to promote Camfrog. In fact, I rarely use it. The last time I did was when my whole family had a web conference last March with my brother during his birthday. He is working as a Java programmer/IT specialist in New York City.

What I am promoting is the technology behind this hugely popular live conferencing program. Before, chatting was done through text messaging software like mIRC (Internet Relay Chat) and the commonly used Yahoo Messenger. However, its live video feed is still much to be desired. You feel like talking to a robot.

Camfrog has revolutionized conferencing with its blazing-fast streaming video and amazing audio quality. The sign movement is fluid and clear. This software has really empowered the Deaf community. It has also created a special bond among the deaf and virtually broke the communication barrier. Within its chatrooms, you will find numerous groups specifically for the deaf and even categorized according to continents. More than a handful of my female deaf students found their “true love” through Camfrog. Deaf from far-away provinces were able to “attend a virtual online meeting” through this software.

The deaf even created a sign for it. Camfrog is signed as F hands facing each other circling one after the other mimicking the googling green eyes of the frog as the program is being loaded.

Downloading the software and using their service are free. But it’s only limited to one-on-one conferencing and the screen size is relatively small. However, if you pay the one-time fee, you can have multiple simultaneous chatters with windows that can be resized to more than half of your monitor screen.

Although it has been a huge success among the deaf group, Camfrog has also elevated indecent and malicious acts into high tech. The proliferation of online pay-for-porn and even deaf scam which I posted last August now abound within its chatrooms. You must be careful in dealing with these.

Technology is not bad. It’s the people who makes them bad. Watch this YouTube video made by a poster named Girldeaf. She collected all the screenshots of Camfrog chatters and grouped them according to nations. You might find your face in one of those.

Note: I recognize some of the chatters from the Philippines. They are Peter Ding Basa and Gilda Quintua. By the way, our flag is the red, white and blue one similar to the image above. 🙂

Meet the United Camfrog World of the Deaf!

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