Spider-Man with I-Love-You Sign

Spider-man blasting his web in I-love-you sign
Spider-Man blasting his web in I-love-you sign
Wallpaper in MCCID Computer Network
Wallpaper used in MCCID Computer Network
Photo Collection from ironjeff.net
Photo Collection from ironjeff.net
Spider-man with I-love-you Sign Drawn by a Kid Named Elijah
Spider-Man with I-love-you Sign Drawn by a Kid Named Elijah

Let’s be kids again, shall we? hehehe

I have been a fan of Spider-Man since I can remember. In fact he is my only favorite Marvel Comic character. Although I grew up during the Christopher Reeves’ Superman era of 70s and 80s, I’m still a Spider-Man kid. By the way, Superman is a DC Comic character, an arch rival of Marvel. Among the DCs, I like Batman the most. 🙂

Even though I marvel how amazing this fictional superhero was during my childhood, I wasn’t given a chance to collect his souvenir items, like toys and stuff. One big reason is that I don’t have money to buy them. (sigh) I only read about him by borrowing comic books from my classmate and from the syndicated Sunday comics section of a popular newspaper here.

Another reason is because I’m an Asian. Popular TV comic characters during my time, and until now, are Japanese Animes. Voltes V, Daimos, Mekanda Robot, Mazinger Z, The Original Star Rangers and Astro Boy bombarded the Philippine airwaves. Everybody was glued to their TV screens between 5:30 to 6:00 pm as they watch these spectacular cartoon characters do their thing. Their products and toys are the ones that line up the shelves of department stores, not Spider-Man. I remember my younger brother’s most cherished possession was a 10-inch steel cast Mekanda-robot that has four shooting bombs on his chest with two disc-like spinning shields with helicopter elisee or motor blades on both arms (see photo).

Mekanda Robot Toy (Thanks to Nostalgia Manila)
Mekanda Robot Toy (Thanks to Nostalgia Manila)

The toy costs a fortune back then although it was not the most expensive. It’s still in working condition until now. My oldest sister, youngest brother and I all dreamed of owning Voltes V Toy Robots (with an “s” because all five robot toys were sold separately and can be “volted” together). But it was the costliest and most sought after toy so it remained only a dream.

When Spider-Man became a hit TV live-action series here with the showing of “Spider-Man Strikes Back“, back in early 80s, mainstream kids started to notice him more. Although the special effects were very crude and Spider-Man was not as amazing as he is now depicted in Tobey Maguire’s blockbuster hit trilogy, it was still widely watched here. Nicholas Hammond’s Peter Parker alter ego is weaker because his spider web is not internally generated but came from chemical experimentation so it runs out easily.

Late Sen. Raul Roco (left) flashes the I-Love-You sign with running mate during campaign sortie.
Late Sen. Raul Roco (left) flashes the I-Love-You sign with running mate during a campaign sortie.
I-Love-You Sign in Filipino Sign Language
I-Love-You Sign in Filipino Sign Language
Snap Shot of Isabela School for the Deaf Logo
Snap Shot of Isabela School for the Deaf Logo

As I have mentioned in my other blog post, Filipino Sign Language has its universal appeal simply because it was very much influenced by American Sign Language. A quick look at our history, the Philippines became a colony of the Americans during the early 20th century. It was during these times when Philippine School for the Deaf was established. We became independent in 1946 after the US, together with Filipino patriots, liberated us from the Japanese during World War II. English is our second language and the official government language. Our nation is currently the undisputed fifth largest English speaking country in the world in terms of population ahead of Canada and Australia.

This symbol has been used as part of the logo and emblem of most schools for the deaf and associations here. It also became a signature hand symbol used by a popular and charismatic politician former Senator Raul Roco when he ran for president in 2001.

So “I LOVE YOU” sign is the same in the US, and of course, in my beloved country, the Philippines. By the way, the phrase is translated as “MAHAL KITA” or “INIIBIG KITA” in Filipino. 🙂

PS: Phuuleessse, this is NOT a symbol of satan or any demonic being. I am a born again Bible-believing Christian. But I don’t believe this crap.

Note: Some photos used came from their respective owners and are recognized as links to their sites. 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Spider-Man with I-Love-You Sign

Add yours

  1. I believe that the Spider Man character really do not intentionally use “ILY” symbol. He is more like using his hand to spin the web out of its web manfacturer.

    I also drew Spider Man using “ILY” as a kid back in early 70s what I copied off from the comic book page.

    I also am a fan of Asian live teleaction television programs like “Ultra Man”, “Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot” and animated series, “Astro Boy”.

    I recently bought two “Astro Boy” magna from the comic book store for my own childhood nostaglaia.

    I learned that the creators of “Astro Boy” mocked at the United States of the 60s and 70s for being squeamish at the anmie violence in its anime television programming while was all right for the United States to enact the real-life violence in Vietnam. How interesting!

    I viewed “Ultra Man” entire television series on DVD from Netflix last year with closed captions. What an experience! I was really impressed with the Japanese’s Toho Studios for being real willigness to caption the “Ultra Man” tv series.

    I look forward to the incoming DVD for “Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot” ultraviolent tv series which often overlooked by the American tv censors and UHF tv stations at that time.

    I am kinda bored with Batman and Superman characters. No questions about the great Chris Reeves for his role of “Superman” in the 70s.

    Have you read Alan Moore’s ‘Killing Joke” comic book where Batman and the Joker manically laughed with each other to show how insane they are?

    Gotta go now.

    Robert L. Mason (RLM)
    RLMDEAF blog

  2. Hey,

    Have you read “Superman and the Amazing SpiderMan: The Battle of the Century”, an oversize comic book jointly published by the DC Comics and Marvel Comics in 1976 as kid?

    I bought this oversize comic book, but never had a chance to read it before someone stole that copy at the school. I suspected that one of the male hearing houseparent stole this comic book.

    I always want to read this very rare comic book for years.

    Have you recently read the latest Spider Man magazine about how transforming for Aunt May character being outspoken and critical and gutsy as opposed to her dear and sweet personality known to many Spider Man fans?

    I always felt related to the Peter Parker character due to double and secret identity. I was struggled with my own sexuality as a teenager. How interesting!


  3. Hello Robert!

    That was very interesting you got there! I had a copy of the original, at least that was I was told, oversized copy of Superman’s 1st edition comic book. I don’t know where I kept it.

    It’s nice to know that you are also a Spider Man fan. You know, since he is all masked all over his face, he needs to learn how to sign so he can communicate using his hands. 🙂

    Did you know that Toei Company, the makers of popular Japanese Anime including Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon and Hanna Barbera, makers of Scooby-Doo and Yogi Bear employ Filipino graphic animators since early 70s? They sub-contract bulk of their work in our country like background designing, and in-betweening. Although the main characters were done in Japan, the minor characters were drawn here in our country. They have branch factories here.

    What we really dream of is for our Filipino Deaf to work in those companies. They are very much qualified but lack in professional education. We hope that we can do something about it soon.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I do appreciate it. 🙂

  4. Sure thing! You are very welcome!

    Yes for hiring some deaf Filipinos for the outsourcing foreign-owned animination and other entertainment-related firms. 🙂

    Wish you all the best there in Phillipines (msp.)


  5. hello me name is walter am deaf of am argentine from buenos aires,live ituzanigo me friends deafs of mund loves ….”

  6. Hi all, How are you? I very love this Werewolf for I-Love-Deaf!

    Show this Image:


    Hahahahahaha…. (^_^)_I..I

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