How can deaf children develop their self-esteem?

A question was posted in this blog by Mr. Brent Sabas, a student who currently works on his thesis research about deaf children.

I can’t say that I am well-versed with this subject matter because I don’t handle deaf children. All of our students are young deaf adults. So I like to throw his question to my faithful readers by posting your responses below.

Here is his message:

Brent Sabas, on September 11th, 2008 at 5:22 am Said:

Hi Sir Jojo, I’m a student of UP College of Fine Arts and (also) currently working on my thesis research about deaf children. So glad I found a blogger that has so much concern about the deaf community.

According to a book that I’ve read, the identity of a person is shaped by two factors: (1) the attributes that make each of us unique, and (2)society’s reaction to our uniqueness.

In the case of deaf children, as they’re being ridiculed because of their “uniqueness”, how do you think can they learn to have a high self-esteem? What are the help they can possibly get as a child to withstand the scrutinizing eyes of the public?

Thank you Sir! I really need infos from a practitioner like you. And your site is definitely a good reference for my data gathering. God bless!

Hope to hear from your replies. 🙂

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