Yay! My blog is finalist in Philippine Blog Awards!

This is exciting! Out of 600 nominees, my blog was chosen as one of the finalists together with 13 other bloggers under the Commentary Category on the 2nd Philippine Blog Awards! Being nominated is already an honor. Winning is just the icing on the cake.

After being selected as one of those eligible to join, I promised myself that I will volunteer. So I signed up. Mapili man ang blog ko o hindi, I would go through volunteering. So I did. I promised to bring the fish bowl to the secretariat that will be used for the raffle draw. Cheap! hehehe

Compared to other seasoned bloggers here, my blogging history was fairly short. Although I signed up my WordPress account March 8 last year, I posted my first article only last April 26, barely five months ago. This is because I was infuriated when I learned that Cebu Pacific Airlines refused to board ten deaf passengers who are already seated inside the plane, on a flight to the world renowned Boracay Island. They cited that their policy that blind and deaf passengers had to be properly accompanied in order to be treated as regular passengers. I posted my fiery article to Yahoo groups which I’m a member of. An online news website re-posted my article but I felt it’s not enough. I need to expose the human rights violation this airline did on a larger scale so I posted it in this blog. That’s where it started.

I almost did not make the criteria for the awards. They requested me to submit my best five blog posts from April 2007 to April 2008. It’s a good thing that I posted exactly five articles on the last week of April namely; Deaf Persons Not Allowed to Board Cebu Pacific (April 26), Four Days of House Visits (April 26), Deaf Laugh (April 27), Deaf Humor (April 29) and On Being Deaf and Uneducated (April 30) or else I won’t get qualified. 🙂

I know I’m too lazy to write. I also have other more productive things to do than to write. I just tried posting a few. But now, I can’t stop. This is addicting. hehehe

So to the award’s organizers, thank you very much for considering my blog. I pray for the success of the awarding ceremony this Sunday. 🙂

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