Yay! First 12500 Visits!

Fifteen posts, 21 days and 2500 visitors later, I again achieved another milestone of 12500 visitors! Hooray for me! hehehe

Before I promised to celebrate by posting this for every 1000 visit. But now I changed it to every 2500. That’s why it took me almost three weeks to post this. Most of the articles I added during these weeks were about the Philippine Blog Awards (4 posts) followed by the Silent Odyssey Docu-film (2 posts) and Special Job Fair for the Deaf (2 posts).

Two significant things that made these three weeks unique are:

  1. My Blog was selected as finalist in 2nd Philippine Blog Awards under Commentary Category
  2. My Blog shoots up to 4 in my Google’s Page Rank. More on this in my next post.

Visitors are the lifeline of every blog/blogger. Without them, posting articles in your blog are worthless. I remember the famous line from the Kevin Costner’s movie “Field of Dreams” shown during the late 80s where he built a baseball field after hearing some voices saying,

If you build it, they will come.

I hope this tag line can also be applied for bloggers. But it ain’t so. There are millions of blogs out there competing for viewers. WordPress.com brags of hosting more than 4 million blogs. Thousands of new blogs are listed each day and an even greater number of blog posts appear in Google’s search engine. Sadly, most of them don’t get noticed even after blogging for years. Was it due to the content’s wide appeal? Frequency of posting? Significance of tags? Credible links? Or a concoction of each? I’m not sure.

So to my increasing number of readers, thank you very much for coming. Mabuhay Ang Mga Pilipinong Bingi! (Long live the Filipino Deaf!) 🙂

Makati City will again hold job fair for deaf persons

After the successful job fair held last September 18 at Makati City PESO Office, they will again hold the last of its series on Thursday, September 25 also on the same venue. The event is exclusively for Deaf persons only.

Applications are welcome, male or female, 18-35 years old, and at least a high school graduate. Please bring resume or bio-data.

I mentioned successful because based on the feedback I heard from the deaf who went, there were more than a hundred people who applied for jobs as compared to the first one. This according to PESO official, Mr. Manny Roldan. He said that more than 20 Deaf attended and applied for work last September 11.

Aside from Lamoiyan Corporation, makers of Happee toothpaste, companies who participated in the job fair were mostly for factory or blue-collar work.

So for those who were not able to join in the previous two job fairs, this is your last chance.

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Withnews.org written by Mr. Ralph Torralba, Deaf Journalist

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