Yay! First 15000 Visits!

Eleven posts, 19 days and 2500 visitors later, I again achieved another milestone of 15000 visitors! Congratulations to me! hehehe

This achievement is a marked improvement from my last one. It took me less than 21 days to reach this and a smaller number of posts (11 compared to 15). I now average 53 visitors per day since I started blogging actively in April with October peaking at 147 visits/day. I believe that this is mainly due to the increase in the repository of blogs posted. I now have 84 posts, 151 tags and 136 total comments.

My top blog post is still the video log Deaf Stress. However, my most commented and fastest growing blog post is about Heather Whitestone and Marlee Matlin. I only posted it four days ago. Yet it already climbed to my top 15 blog posts. It also had nine responses. When I posted it in the Alldeaf Forum two days ago, it currently received more than 20 responses and 25 referrers. I guess it’s because the two icons of the deaf community are very popular and people are more into personality than issues oriented.

This also proves that my blog is catered more to the international viewers than local. My readers from the Philippines still account for only 25% of my total viewers. This is too few compared to most Filipino authored blogs. Bulk of my viewers still come from USA (62%) while the rest are from other countries. When I attended a meeting of Filipino blogger friends last Saturday, again I was expecting that they will recognize me from my web accessibility advocacy rather than for my cause for the deaf. So, I hope I may be able to attract more Filipino viewers in my future blog posts.

On to my next 17500 visitors! 🙂

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