Yay! First 17500 Visits!

Nine posts, 20 days and 2500 visitors later, I again achieved another milestone of 17500 visitors! Congratulations again to me! hehehe

This achievement is again an improvement from my last one. It took me less than 20 days to reach this and a smaller number of posts (9 compared to 11). I now average 58 visitors per day since I started blogging actively in April with October peaking at 146 visits/day. I now have 94 posts, 164 tags and 161 total comments.

I believe this is the only time where I posted mostly video logs. Six out of nine blogs are vlogs. This includes the five-part Deaf Revenge Horror video which received more than 500 visits although YouTube hits total almost 2000. My vlog Deaf Stress still tops the list of viewers with 735, barely 5% of YouTube total clicks of 21,000 and 24 comments. My post about Heather Whitestone and Marlee Matlin remained the leader among the non-video group and gained the fourth spot overall.

Another significant thing I found out is that my top search is about American deaf icons’ “Marlee Matlin” (47) and “Heather Whitestone” (45). This means that nearly 100 people who googled about them arrived at my blog! Further research reveals that my post is on page 3 of Google’s general web search and number 2 on its blog search for Marlee. For Heather, it’s even higher. My post is on page 2 on general search and top 1 on blog search. I guess Google robots gave me a high credibility rating for that. 🙂

Again, my blog is more appealing to other countries than in my native land. Although my American visitors dropped by 2 points to 60%, this doesn’t add to my Filipino viewers which remained at 25%. Increase of visitors came from other English speaking countries like Canada, UK and Australia.

On to my next 20000 visitors! 🙂

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