Yay! First 20000 Visits!

Yehey! This is a real surprise for me because I did it at a shortest time! With only nine posts and eighteen days later, I got my first 20000 visits! This is also significant because I now have a total of 100 posts since I started blogging actively last April. Congratulations to me! hehehe

I only had one video log, the rest are blogs. However, I achieved my all time most number of visitors yesterday (350) followed by the preceding day [Saturday] with 332. This is due mainly to my video log post about deaf girl’s ordeal while being kidnapped. I guess many people got interested about it and sympathized with Grace Gonzales. Someone even commented that I request Project Readon to add a closed caption on the video.

My other surprise is the photo of Pres. Barack Obama waving I-L-Y sign to the crowd which was just forwarded to me by my deaf friend. It has so far received more than 200 visits, third only to the kidnapped story and the people’s choice all time favorite blog about Marlee Matlin and Heather Whitestone (235). These two posts are of international interests.

This sealed my belief that it will be very hard for my blog to appeal to my local readers. Although my American viewers dropped by a single point (60 – 59%), still my Filipino viewers for the past months remained constant at 25%. Increase of visitors came from other countries. The “kidnapping” blog post happened in the Philippines. However it was appreciated worldwide.

But I’m not going to rest. I would still blog about anything and everything related to the deaf in my country. They are my inspiration. On to my next 22,500 visitors! 🙂

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