Cebu Pacific discriminating deaf passengers stirs attention from Filipino bloggers

Cebu Pacific Logo with Discrimination of Disability
I know that the incident involving Cebu Pacific happened earlier this year. But at least people from outside our community are slowly taking notice of it. After making it my first blog post in April, some notable bloggers picked it up and commented about it. I have so far collected a few and I’m posting them here.

Here is the blog post link made by Filipino Voices entitled “No Hear, No Fly” which so far has more than 36 responses. Filipino Voices Blog was awarded one of the Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs of 2008.

Another Award Winning Blogger Jester-in-Exile posted his though-provoking insights. The issue was also being discussed in Plurk and other social networking

Mr. Kevin Ray Chua, web designer of Mar Roxas for President in 2010 already wrote an email asking Mr. Palengke for his assistance and would also blog about this.

This is shameful” was the intriguing blog title posted by Bny Castro on his The Beanster Blog.

Cebu Bloggers also made a forum thread discussion (Blog Swarm) about this. I have also added this on the All Deaf Forum to find out the international deaf communities’ sentiments.

There was even one commenter saying that he would fully support us should we file a class suit against Cebu Pacific and would even help us in rallying for our cause. I would ask the organizers of Philippine School for the Deaf Centennial Celebration if the 10 deaf persons would want to file a case.

Blogger Rom made an opposing scenario where a deaf person needs a caregiver.

Ms. Katrina Segundo, a deaf-blind person from Dumaguete City personally took the challenge and filed a case against Cebu Pacific last November 17. I will post here the progress of her court case as it unfolds.

In behalf of the Filipino deaf community and the rest of the PWDs in the country, we are truly grateful for the support you guys gave to us. Let us hope that Cebu Pacific or other companies and government agencies that trample the law and basic human rights would think many times before repeating their sins. The Internet is now a powerful avenue for exposing your discriminatory activities. Mabuhay ang mga Pilipinong may K! :-

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