U.S. Military to recruit more non-Americans

My high school best friend Gerry Gaddi has been based in Chicago, USA for nearly two decades. He has made his name in the corporate world while at the same time doing an amazing job of promoting Filipino culture and dance. He formed his own cultural group composed of talented US based Filipinos doing special events there. He has also been helping out Filipino artists as well as the Philippine government showcase their talents by sponsoring shows for their benefit and for the charitable organizations they represent. Oh how I wish we have more Filipinos like him who never forget their roots and still think about the welfare of their home country. Read my blog post: “10 Things Filipino Abroad can to to their Country to understand what I mean. 🙂

We have been in close contact for years. Last week, he emailed me this welcome news to all Filipinos who after its economic recession, still consider USA as the land of milk and honey. You might find this useful. 🙂

U.S. Military to recruit more non-Americans
by Pauline Jelinek – Dec. 6, 2008 02:20 AM
Associated Press
WASHINGTON – The Pentagon is planning to expand the number of foreigners it recruits into the military in yet another effort to make up for chronic shortages of doctors, nurses and linguists available for wartime duty.

The Defense Department already draws from aliens living in the United States on green cards and seeking permanent residency. But under a trial program, it will now look to also recruit from pools of foreigners who’ve been living in the states on student and work visas, with refugee or political asylum status and other temporary visas.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates has authorized the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps to recruit certain legal residents whose critical medical and language skills are “vital to the national interest,” officials said, using for the first time a law passed three years ago.

Gates’ action enables the services to start a one-year pilot program to find up to 1,000 foreigners who have lived in the states legally for at least two years. The new recruits into the armed forces would get accelerated treatment in the process toward becoming U.S. citizens in return for military service in the United States or abroad.

“The services are doing a tremendous job of recruiting quality personnel to meet our various missions,” sometimes with bonus pay and tuition for medical school, said Bill Carr, deputy undersecretary of defense for military personnel policy. But they haven’t been able to fill their need for 24,000 doctors, dentists and nurses in the Defense Department.

The Pentagon’s doctor and nurse corps remain 1,000 short of the numbers needed to treat all the military’s patients, and Carr said he hoped the program would fill the gaps.

The military’s most pressing need is for neurosurgeons and dermatologists to treat troops coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan with brain and burn injuries.

The force also lacks nurses with a broad range of specialties, Carr said.

At the same time, the U.S. Special Operations Command needs more people with special language and cultural skills for a war on terrorism that has taken the armed forces to more remote places across the globe.

Though the military has been looking for more Arabic speakers and others to help with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the new program looks to recruit those proficient in some three dozen languages, including Albanian, Korean, Punjabi, Somali, Turkish, Burmese, Chinese, Czech, Malay and Swahili
There are now 29,000 non-citizens in uniform today, Carr said, with about 8,000 more enlisting every year.

He expects that among those who will be interested in the new effort are doctors with work visas who are employed at hospitals around the country, a program aimed at tackling shortages among U.S. medical professionals

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  2. I’m so interested in joining the U.S military ever since but I don’t know how cause I’m a Filipino but my grand father was a US veteran can you help me please.. I’m 21

  3. hey ,my name’s behrooz .i’m from iran . i’m 23 and i have an associate degree in electronic ..i’d like to join the U.S.A army .
    please help me .what should i do ??

  4. hi im interested to join military airforce my husbnd its airforce i want to i adore people who work in military and i want to be apart of it i will do everything i can to be a good military how can i join im 26 tell me how and what i need ty

  5. i’d always dream to join the US Air Force, I want to be a pilot. and i’m starting to join in the military academy of our country Philippines and hoping also to be in the US Air Force soon. I love that Noble Profession.. thanks, hope you can help me.

  6. To join the Armed Forces of United States, you must be U.S. Citizen. Pass ASVAB Battery Test. Age 18 to 35..Height- 5’6′.
    There’s no more Recruiting Center in the Philippines.

  7. Hi im 14 years old and I want to join the U.S. military when im 24 but im a filipino please tell me what should I do to join the U.S. military please.

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