Yay! First 25,000 Visits!

Yehey! My first 25,000 visitors! Congratulations to me again! hehehe

After I started blogging actively on April 26, 2008, I was able to accumulate a total of 113 blog posts including 15 MCCID owned vlog (video logs), 16 categories, 219 comments and 134 average daily visits. There are already more than 30 blog posts/web sites linking here. My blog has also attracted more foreign visitors (nearly 3/4) than Filipinos.

I may not be able reach out to all disabled people in my country although I have been doing that lately. But at least in our school, we have included subjects about laws and issues on disabilities and rights of disabled people in order to equip the deaf students with the knowledge.

Internet is a highly effective information disseminating tool. I am capitalizing that by blogging. My blog is just a simple outlet of my advocacy. It is my humble way of telling the world that hey, there are successful deaf people in here! Even without government or anybody’s assistance, they are living a better life, even better than most able bodied people out there. All they asked from us are respect, equal treatment, recognition and following the rule of law.

I know that these are but a tiny speck of the bigger picture. I am but an insignificant person working for the disabled sector. However, I believe these small things can make life a little bit easier for deaf people in the Philippines. 🙂

So to all my faithful blog readers, thank you very much for reading my post. After this, I will start congratulating myself after every 5,000 visits. 🙂

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