Cebu Pacific Update: Senator Roxas Steps In

Cebu Pacific not accepting disabled persons

Cebu Pacific’s discrimination issue has been noticed by our very own Senator Mar Roxas. Thanks to the effort made by our blogger-friend from Cebu Mr. Kevin Ray Chua after sending an email requesting Mr. Palengke to look into the issue against Cebu Pacific. The humiliating incident happened when their manager told the ten deaf passengers, mostly foreigners, to get out from their seats after they are already comfortably boarded inside the plane.

Kevin, a staunch Mar Roxas supporter, wrote an email addressed to him. Here is Kevin’s email:

Good day Senator Mar Roxas!

It has been a long time since we have been communicating. I would like to tell you Senator that I had been blogging until now so that I can convince you to run for President in 2010 and let the people have a mindset that there will be and should elections in 2010 and Gloria’s Charter Change would not be an excuse to that. And by the way, when will you have the Cebu bloggers meet-up just like with the one in Manila with you? I already asked Carlo Ople when would it be, but he told me that it would depend on your schedule. Hope you can inform me Senator Mar.

And here’s my most important concern that I have to air to you and I hope that you can make this issue have a place in the media. I pity the Filipino deaf passengers of Cebu Pacific when they were not allowed to board their plane. We have coordinating with different bloggers in order to give this issue a priority as this exemplifies discrimination towards the Filipinos with disabilities.

Mr. Jojo I. Esposa Jr., a registered sign language interpreter in our country and has been signing for the deaf since 1992 has blogged about this at . He is a strong advocate of Filipino Sign Language and deaf culture. I hope you share my sentiment in giving respect to our deaf mute Filipino citizen.

Thanks Senator Mar for being my IDOL!


Letter from Office of Senator Roxas
For his part, Senator Roxas through his Chief-of-Staff Atty. Blas James Viterbo sent a formal letter to Ms. Rosita Menchaca, Vice President- Passenger Service of Cebu Pacific last January 6. The content seeks for an appropriate action regarding that incident. For convience of reading the PDF File of the letter, here’s the image of that file.

Let’s just hope that the management of Cebu Pacific would act on it. Thank you Kevin for supporting our cause. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Cebu Pacific Update: Senator Roxas Steps In

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  1. CEBU Pacific, Inc.

    Be serious for hard life for the deaf passage. The Cebu Pacific don’t say about the deaf-mute. I feel ashamed why because they saw word of deaf-mute so suggest change spelling Deaf.

    Why “d”?

    deaf is not pride the people in our disability.

    Deaf is professional personal as disability.

    Good for Cebu Pacific, Inc. Many happen time for the companies.

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