Yay! First 30,000 Visits!

Yehey! My first 30,000 visitors! Congratulations to me again! hehehe

In my similar post, I said that I will congratulate myself every 5,000 visits. So after more than a month (December 22), and nine posts later, I achieved this feat. My most read post is still about Heather and Marlee. Since I made this blog in October, it has already attracted nearly a thousand visitors.

Aside from reaching that many visitors, another significant milestone that I want to mention is my Google PageRank upgrade from 3 to 4. That to me means Google increasingly believes in the credibility of my blog, ergo, an improved ranking. 🙂

Visitors from my own country slightly increased to 29% by 2 points. However my American readers are dwindling to 52% from a high of 70% when I started blogging. It’s interesting to note that despite its local article, it has a worldwide appeal.

I have also changed my WordPress theme to 2813 by Eli, Neil, and Paul. This is currently the only available blog theme provided freely by wordpress.com that has three columns with the main blog posts appearing on the first column. It’s really necessary to make this switch because some of my visually impaired readers were unable to immediately read my article. In my previous theme, they have to press the tab key multiple times in order to reach my post.

On to my next 35,000 visits! 🙂

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