Philippine TV showcased Deaf video commercial spoof

Here is a video excerpt with English sub-title of the Abs-Cbn Documentary Abs-cbn TV Special “Upload 2008″ aired last December and featured the work of MCCID Batch 2007 students:

Here is the entire Video commercial spoof made by the deaf students and directed by Ervin Reyes:

The TV crew led by Mr. Rodel Madridano, segment producer of Scene of the Crime Operatives (SOCO) television show, took notice of the deaf’s commercial spoof about Biolink VCO Hot Oil which was uploaded in YouTube a year ago. He had a hearty laugh and at the same time, was impressed at the deaf’s ability to create a simple yet funnier imitation. So he emailed the school early December and requested if it can be featured in their TV year ender special.

MCCID College led by the spoof creator Ervin Reyes agreed to be interviewed. The crew visited the school for two days and got a chance to meet the deaf students and staff. Madridano asked Ervin about his reasons why he did this commercial spoof and uploaded it on the YouTube. Ervin replied that aside from fulfilling the requirement to complete the digital video editing subject, he wants the world to know that the deaf are capable of doing many things if given a chance.

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