My Sandi Patty Philippine concert frustration

I have been preparing for this for months. As far as I know, Sandi Patty’s concert was only announced last November. After learning about it, I was so excited that on the next day, I withdrew a hefty sum from the bank while counting who am I going to be with. It’s my Mom’s birthday on the 13th so I might as well treat her together with my Dad in this once in a lifetime concert. And, since my whole family is a fan of hers, I bought tickets to all six of us. I also invited a very special friend and an esteemed colleague in the deaf world Dr. Therese Bustos, who took time to buy me a VHS tape of one of her live concerts in the US, to join us. I want to have this day so memorable that I bought pricey lower box tickets.

When we arrived at the Araneta Coliseum the night of February 7, we were wondering why was there no commotion. The lights on the gate were off. We went to the ticket booth. We were told that the concert was cancelled. Wow! Everybody was very much disappointed. There I was, feeling heartbroken that I wasn’t able to hear a glimpse of a glorious sound from heaven. 😦

After dining in at a nearby restaurant, we all went home. The first thing I did was google my way out of my frustration. I need an explanation as to why the concert was called off. Then, I got Sandi Patty’s official statement posted on the Becca Music (their official promoter) website:


“It is with the deepest regret that I must indefinitely postpone my concert engagement in Manila due to family obligations beyond my control.

I love the people of Manila and so looked forward to singing for them. It’s my sincere hope that I’ll be asked to come back sometime in the future.

Until then, please know that I am profoundly disappointed, but very grateful for everyone’s thoughts and prayers during this challenging time”


Sandi Patty

After reading this, I headed to my mail box and emailed Sandi. I poured out my sentiments and frustrations. We are really looking forward to watch her show. Sandi has been our constant inspiration and we love her songs very much. The first time she came to our country was in early 80s. We were still in high school then so we have no money to buy tickets. My sister and younger brother were so depressed when we weren’t able to watch her show back then. So I promised myself that the next time she would do a concert here, I would not miss it for the world.

My sister was the one who introduced Sandi’s genre of gospel music in my family. She bought Sandi’s first “Love Overflowing” tape. We were truly blessed by that cassette tape and we memorized all of her songs. My sister sang some of them including the “When the Time Comes” and our all time favorite, “We Shall Behold Him” (view YouTube video above) as special number on our home Bible Baptist Church. Since then we became Sandi’s fans. I saved money to buy all of her original tapes, vinyl and now CDs. I have an almost complete collection of her albums from “Lift Up the Lord”, “The Gift Goes On”. “Morning Like This”, “Make His Praise Glorious”, “Find it on the Wings”, “Another Place, Another Time” (my niece sang I lift my hands many times in church) etc. up to her latest “Songs for the Journey” . I said almost because some of her albums were not available here. My all time favorite album is her “More than Wonderful Live Album”. I was expecting that Sandi will be doing that here. Sigh 😦

Aside from her heavenly brand of gospel music, Sandi Patty sometimes use sign language on her songs. I read in one of her biographies that she often include a sign language interpreter in most of her concerts. She has a soft heart for the deaf people. One example is her wonderful rendition of “We Shall Behold Him” (see YouTube video).

I pray that she would again visit the country to share her brand of Christian music hopefully in my lifetime. Praise God for giving us Sandi Patty! We wish you well! 🙂


8 thoughts on “My Sandi Patty Philippine concert frustration

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  1. Hey there… i was really waiting for this chance too… we are both blessed by her songs… i called bmg to confirm the date and inquire if tickets still available… they informed me that her concert was hold and might be moved on May or June… you can ask for updates at bmg… i immediately informed my friends who will be coming with me too even those outside Philippines and all the choir friends i have…

    God bless,

  2. We were also disappointed upon knowing that Sandi Patty’s concert was postponed. I was glad that time because it was Not Canceled. There’s a tentative date, which is May 21, but unfortunately, the said date is moved again. I am hoping that Sandi will consider Manila in her concert, despite of how very busy she is. We love her and support her music, but to see her face to face is another glimpse of heaven to us. Please email her at, for sure, she will respond.

  3. Isn’t she great and humble? That’s Sandi. Hey bro, I have the complete discography of Sandi…Are you singing in your church? I also have her tracks.

  4. I went home from Italy just to see the live concert of Sandi Patti in the Philippines. So sad and discouraged when I learned that it was rescheduled.
    It happens!!!
    Hope I can attend her concert in the future.

  5. Help! I have the SATB out of print choral arrangement print music for IN THE NAME OF THE LORD, by Sandi Patty, arranged by Don Marsh, published by Word Music. I need the out of print instrumental cassette with guide vocals and performance instrumentation that goes with this arrangement.
    I’m praying someone can help me find this!! PLEASE!! Thanks so much.

    Best Regards,

    Mark Schreier | Marketing & Production Director

    Miss Virginia Organization |
    “Home of Miss America 2010”
    M: (540) 797-8791 O: (540) 389-0014 x168
    3333 Heywood Ave. SW | Roanoke, VA 24015

    1. im mrs pedro I really like all the songs of sandi patty and im asking your help where can we buy all hers songs where in manila im craving for her gospel songs im also a soloist in our church and I really like hers songs. pls help me where to locate and buy her minus one and cds as well.pls feel free to contact me at this number 09105166151. thank you in GOD be the GLORY.MORE POWER SANDI

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