List of cities and provinces issuing IDs for persons with disabilities

Republic Act 9442
Republic Act 9442 or the amendment of Magna Carta for the Disabled Persons and for Other Purposes (RA 7277) states that a Person with Disability shall be entitled to the following:

  • Twenty percent (20%) discount from all establishments like hotels, restaurants, etc.;
  • 20% discount on admission fees charged by theaters, concert halls, amusements, etc.;
  • 20% discount for purchase of medicines in all drugstores;
  • 20% discount on medical and dental services;
  • 20% discount on fare for domestic air and sea travel;
  • 20% discount in public railways, bus, etc.;
  • educational assistance through scholarships, books, etc.;
  • discounts in special purchases;
  • provision of express lanes in all commercial and govt. establishments; and
  • additional tax incentives.

However, persons with disabilities cannot avail of these privileges if they don’t present their special identification cards. According to the law and the Implementing Rules and Regulations, only the municipal, city and provincial government units are allowed to issue these IDs.

In my pre-employment preparation subject, I assist my deaf students in getting vital documents that they would be needed before they apply for jobs. Since most of them live in the National Capital Region, we were also able to visit some government offices of the surrounding cities. To my surprise, out of the seventeen highly urbanized cities, only six of them issue these IDs!

Special “thank you” goes to Quezon City government most especially to one of their well-loved officials, Ma’am Luz Cabauatan for assisting us. She said that our students simply show our school’s ID. That’s already a proof that they are a PWD. No need to submit any other requirements. Congratulations too to the mayors of cities of Manila, Malabon and Makati. Their processing procedure is very efficient and fast. Those who will assist you are PWDs themselves. Aldrin Gabriel and Ronald Joseph Santiago, two of our deaf school’s alumni working at Malabon City Hall, help disabled applicants. Aside from the benefits stated, Makati City also grants special free all-day entrance to any movie theaters for their PWD constituents!

I received a copy of the list from National Council on Disability Affairs (NCDA) office. To my PWD brothers and sisters, here is a list that will guide you in getting your IDs. Some LGUs require you to present your Barangay Certificate, ID photos and medical certificate indicating your disability or other proof of your disability as in the case of deafness. They will then give you a form which you can fill up and submit together with the other requirements I mentioned. As of October 2008, here are the cities and provinces that has issued special IDs:

  1. National Capital Region – Manila, Muntinlupa City, Malabon City, Makati City, Pasay City, Quezon City, Valenzuela City
  2. Region I – Dagupan City, Candon, Agoo, Aringan, Aringay, San Fernando City
  3. Region II – Enrile, Santiago, Kasibu
  4. Region III – Gerona, Olongapo City, Bulacan, Tarlac, Pampanga (all municipalities including Angeles City and San Fernando City), Palayan City
  5. Region IV – Binan, Dasmarinas, Sta. Rosa, Tagaytay City, Cavite, Cuenca, Calapan
  6. Region V – None
  7. Region VI – Iloilo
  8. Region VII – Cebu, Garcia, Talisay City
  9. Region VIII – None
  10. Region IX – None
  11. Region IX – Malaybalay, Gingoog
  12. Cordillera Autonomous Region – Baguio City, Ilogan, Atok
  13. CARAGA – Bislig, Surigao, Butuan, Tandag City
  14. Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao – None

Ito lamang po ang listahan ng mga mabubuting bayan at lungsod na nangangalaga sa kanilang mga nasasakupan na may kapansanan. Maraming salamat po sa inyong pagmamahal sa mga may kapansanan. (Here is the list of good cities and municipalities that care for their constituents who are disabled.) If your local government has begun issuing IDs and are not included in the list, kindly post a comment here so I can add it.

Dun naman po sa mga mayor ng lungsod na wala pa dito sa listahan, mahiya naman kayo! (For those mayors of cities and municipalities that are not on the list, shame on you!) This law has already been passed by the Philippine government since April 2007. Pebrero 2009 na po! Kailan pa kayo susunod sa batas at mangangalaga sa mga taong higit na nangangailangan? (It’s already February 2009. When will you follow the law and take care of people who need it the most?)

16 thoughts on “List of cities and provinces issuing IDs for persons with disabilities

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  1. are you sure that the lgu of san pedro, laguna is already issuing out those special id??? as far as i remember up to this moment, they are still discussing the processing and printing of the pwd ids… and they are telling that they are out of budget to do the printing of it.

    please help me update this issue. i have friends asking me how will the be they able to get ids as soon as possible in the municipality of san pedro, laguna.

    thank you

  2. @ingridavies,

    I only received the list from National Council on Disability Affairs. But that was issued last year. Since you have first hand knowledge about it, I believe your information. I may remove the municipality of San Pedro, Laguna on the list. Thank you for clarifying. 🙂


    Thank you very much for the information. I will update the list in a short while. 🙂

    I also cross post this message from Mr. Christopher Joseph Abriam, a PWD from This_able_phils Yahoogroup

    Hi Kuya Jojo and Sir Lauro,

    We have pointed out to our NCDA friends that at least in the case of Nueva Vizcaya, they are very wrong in saying that all municipalities here have been issuing IDs as per mandate of RA9442. To date, only 1 municipality has printed its ID for PWDs and its a remote one: the scenic municipality of Kasibu where fresh vegetables and citrus trees abound!!!

    Two other municipalities are making progress regarding this matter. There are still 12 other municipalities that have to be reminded about their responsibility. We aim to integrate the issuance of IDs with the census and registration initiatives, (disability statistics) which we are currently advocating on.

    I will keep everyone posted on Nueva Vizcaya’s progress on ID issuance.


  3. The Municipality of Dasmariñas, province of Cavite has been issuing IDs for the PWDs. I have referred my friend and they were able to secure the ID.

  4. I was searching for requirements how to get id for PWDs until I found your blog. Thank you for enumerating all the requirements. Six years na po akong disabled dahil sa sci at ngayon ko lang i-aapply ang sarili nang benefits for PWD. I am from pag-asa Quezon City. More power to your blog for your advocacy.


  5. hi! I a pwd from las pinas, i got my PWD I.D Oct. 2008, but our municipality started giving out applications since july 2008. So pls. kindly include Las Pinas City in your list of municipalities that adheres to the needs of their PWDs. In fact, we have started forming WD Groups per barangay and we at Talon II has started forming our own and i am glad to stumble upon your site since we have members who are hearing impaired. If you are giving out newsletters kindly include my email add so i will be updated of the different activities for our embers’ info. thank you and God bless us!

    Will wait for your reply,


  6. Hi! I stumbled on your blog while researching about additional benefits for my son with autism. We are from Manila and we already got my son’s PWD ID and purchase booklet. But I think not all establishments know that there is such a benefit for PWDs already. We still need to be ready with a copy of the laws when we want to use it. Also from some friends from our support group, they said that in their area, they can apply for the ID only but there’s no available purchase booklet yet so they still can’t use and avail of the discounts becoz the purchase booklet is needed. Hope this problem can be addressed by our government.

  7. Sir Jojo,

    Some Mayor and Municipalities seems unaware of this RA7277. Both of my parents(Deaf/PWD) teaching at Tiaong, Quezon for the deaf can’t have a 20% discount in some area. 2OO9 na nga po pala ngayon. 😦

  8. i have been constantly trying to use my person with disability card in buying my medicines at mercury drug. in as many times, my request has been denied. i e-mailed mercury drug and told me that they are still waiting for the result of their appeal with the CA. when can we really avail of our discounts as provided for by law. i am just wondering.

    1. Good day! According to Section 4 of RA 7277, (a). “Disabled Persons are those suffering from restriction of different abilities, as a result of a mental, physical or sensory impairment, to perform an activity in the manner or within the range considered normal for a human being;”

      Let us define first what is the specialty of your child. If he/she has physical disability, then he/she is considered as a PWD.

  9. i am PWD. spinal cord injury. i am very much wonder and frustrating that until now RA9442 were continuesly ignor by some pharmaciutical company mostly MERCURY DRUGS. THEY DO NOT recognized the priviledges of a PWD as mandated in RA9442. lagi na lang ganyan di man lang tinitingnan ng mga nasa gobyerno ang aming kapakanan para parusahan ang di sumusunod dito.. lahat sila papogi ng pogi. aba paki asikaso naman po kami lalo na kami ang mas nangangailangan ng inyong tulong,, siguro mas maganda pa humingi ng tulong sa Media sigurado tutulong sila… SA MGA MAAAWAING TAGA MEDIA TULONG NAMAN PO PARA SA AMING MAY MGA KAPANSANAN..LALO SA SA MERCURY DRUG MARIKINA CONCEPCION BRANCH HINDI INOONOR ANG pwd CARD… TULONG..

  10. matagal na ang Taguig 2010 pa nagbibigay ng id pagka upo ni Mayor Lani Cayetano as Mayor bakit di kasama sa list ng mga cities na nagbibigay ng id

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