Yay! First 35,000 Visits!

After reaching my 130th post, 273rd comment and 267th tag, I have now reached another milestone of 35,000 visits! It was less than a month after the first 30,000th visitor read my blog (January 26). I was also able to attain it by posting only six times. Hooray for me! 🙂

Aside from those feats, I was able to land in one of the all-top blogs under the deaf category. I’m not sure how I was included in the a-list. But according to them, they rely on several sources: results of Google searches, review of the sites’ and blogs’ content, researchers, and their “gut” plus the recommendations of the Twitter community, owners of the sites and blogs, and people who care enough to write to them. I’m positive that I never wrote them. I don’t even know if my blog is being discussed in Twitter since I don’t have an account. Google gave me a Page Rank of 4 so it must be it. However, most likely it’s based from their “gut”. 🙂

My all-time high popular post is still about the deaf icons. It has received nearly 1,500 visits. Deaf Stress video closely follows. My American visitors are dwindling to 50% of my total readers while my Filipino readers are up by 31%.

I’m also pleasantly surprised that my latest post about success of a deaf marrying a hearing person was given a separate blog post by Meryl, the Bionic Ear Blogger. I’m truly honored and grateful. 🙂

After my 40,000th visits, I will celebrate every after every 10,000th.

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