Ervin Reyes, the Philippines’ Top Deaf IT Expert

This is the second of a series of features that focuses on famous or notable Filipino Deaf. It’s my way of recognizing their feats and showcase their successes all over the world.

Ervin Ruiz Reyes has been the Deaf Coordinator of Manila Christian Computer Institute for the Deaf (now MCCID College of Technology) for over seventeen years. He observed that most companies focus on the disablity rather than the capabilities of the Deaf. They only focus on their “disability” and not think of their potential for the progress of their companies. I won’t be enumerating the achievements of this very successful yet humble deaf person. Let this collection of videos speak for himself.

This video was taken during the 6th International Abilympics Skills Competition held in New Delhi, India in November 2003. Ervin competed against top web designers from more than 32 countries for which he won the bronze medal.


This was Ervin’s 2003 interview on a national TV program Abs-Cbn’s Digital Tour.


Here is his 2007 interview by Abs-Cbn News advocating equal access to information for disabled persons.


This is the latest video of Ervin being featured on a national TV in 2008.

Here is a link on his lecture about IT education for the deaf during Philippine School for the Deaf’s centennial celebration where he is also a recipient of the Most Outstanding Deaf Alumnus Award. To know more about him, go to this article feature from – Internet for the Disabled and Poor.

“Because of the computer age, it is very sure that the world is getting smaller and smaller everyday. Communication barriers are slowly being removed. But now, the biggest problem to the Deaf’s acceptance into the hearing world is the hearing person himself.” – Ervin Reyes

If these proofs won’t be enough, then I don’t know what else to tell. Let his accomplishments serve as a lliving example for all deaf people out there. God bless, Sir Ervin! May your tribe increase. 🙂


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