First Philippine Animation Magazine to be launched on March 26

Animation Magazine Invitation Poster
The first Philippine Animation Magazine will be launched on March 26, 2009 5:00 pm at Central Plaza Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City. Everyone is invited. 🙂

Ms. Lina Valdez, Animation Magazine’s Marketing Director explained that,

“The magazine aims to promote awareness about the local animation industry for the general public. It’s unknown to many Filipinos that the cartoons they love to see in movies and TV are done by Filipinos. This magazine will show them their favorite cartoons side by side with their Filipino creators. It would also be a vehicle to disseminate valuable information on anything and everything about animation. It will feature news/stories of the latest animation movie to market trends and job opportunities. Children and adults alike will love to read this magazine.”

She also added that one of the magazine’s highlights is the best practices of Philippine Animation companies. The magazine will showcase success stories of artists who dreamed and made these a reality. How artists improve their craft in the name of excellence. How animation artists survive in this age of global competition. 1,000 copies of this magazine will be distributed for FREE to animation studios, schools, national government agencies, and other partners. We also envision bringing this magazine to international trade fairs.

Now why am I promoting this? Simple. We are proudly involved. Our deaf students will be one of those who will demonstrate in the exhibit showcasing their talents in web designing and flash animation. Also, they will perform in the opening ceremony by doing the Philippine National Anthem. Although I have not seen the magazine but I believe MCCID is one of those featured in it.

One more significant thing, Guhit Animation Studio, one of the premier digital and 2D animation companies in the country and an active member of Animation Council of the Philippines, has forged an agreement with our school to train our deaf students to become professional animators. I for one am so excited with this partnership because our students will now be trained by the top industry experts.

Animation industry is a multi-billion dollar business. The Philippines has been designing for top Japanese and American companies since early eighties and has earned us the much needed dollars. This would be another field where a deaf person can truly excel. High five to the council for their efforts! Punta po kayo at suportahan natin ito! 🙂

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