Gov. Grace Padaca for Vice President, why not?

Isabela Gov. Grace Padaca
Isabela Gov. Grace Padaca

I noticed in my Blog Stats that there was a sudden surge of visitors to my blog post about Isabela Governor Grace Padaca. It is understandable because of the recent news floating around about the impending tandem between her and Pampanga Governor Ed Panlilio in the 2010 Presidential Elections. There was even a video from a local giant network asking the same question about her plans.

Of course we expect some quarters to raise their voices in disagreement especially the present dispensation. Some even say she is not yet ripe to sit on the second to the highest position of the land.

But whatever decision she makes, whatever plans she takes, I’m sure it would be for the good of the whole country. It would also be to support the cause of all Filipino Persons With Disabilities. Mula po ng naisabatas ang Sectoral Representative sa Kongreso, wala pa po ni isang PWD na nakaupo dito. Wala pong kinatawan ang may kapansanan sa paggawa ng batas para sa kanilang kapakanan. Sana po magkaroon na. (Ever since the Sectoral Representative was put into law by Congress, not one Person With Disability has ever been elected. No PWD was represented in congress and has passed laws for their welfare. I hope this time there would be one.)

So, to Ma’am Grace, this blogger salutes you and will support you all the way. 🙂

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