Gadgets Madness Part Deux

In my previous post, I made a litany of all the electronic gadgets I bought with cell phones in particular. I also included my reasons why I compelled to buy them.

In that post too, I mentioned about my problem with Nokia N80 conking out. I did follow Jhun’s instruction of resetting my phone. The trouble was that I forgot to save some cell phone numbers of my recent acquaintances. It turned out just what he said. The phone was now able to warn me whenever I receive incoming text messages. But all the contents of my phone book was erased. That’s when I decided to buy a new one. What a lame excuse! 🙂

Off to Greenhills!

Nokia E66
Last Thursday, armed with a budget of only Php16,000 (roughly $340), I together with my deaf buddies Ervin and Owen trooped to cell phone bargain-hunting haven, the second floor of Virra Mall Shopping Complex in Greenhills, San Juan City. Although I already had a brand and specs in mind, (Nokia with large but not touchscreen, WiFi and 3G), I had no idea what model to look for. After making some rounds of around 20 or so stalls and haggling with the predominantly Muslim vendors, we decided to purchase Nokia E66. It has all the features I want including some bells and whistles of high end Nokia models. The grey steel casing looks sturdy enough yet very lightweight and thin (13.6 mm). The phone has a smooth sliding action, a larger screen and 2 GB microSD memory card. But my price range doesn’t match. Models like this cost P18,000 up.

So I asked the vendor if she’s willing to meet my range. She said, she’ll try. After a few minutes, she went back with the original unit (Made in Korea with NTC sticker and complete accessories) with an asking price of P15,500. Great! It was a bargain. We had a deal. I also bought the plastic screen protector (P100) and pocket holder (P200) to go with it. I asked her why she gave in to my “tawad“. She replied that the unit was originally bundled with Smart Company. But they unlocked it so it can be used by any network. Owen, the former utility in our school, traded his own Nokia 6600 to the lower end but latest Nokia 2600 Classic.

Posing Problem

As we were riding jeep back home, I noticed something amiss with my phone. The back cover was unusually warm. I tried to dismiss it. It was probably because it’s new. But then, when I tried tinkering its menus and functions, it became uncomfortably warm. It’s very unnatural.

So the following day, we went back to the stall owner. She said it’s natural. I know she had all the reason to dispel my feeling that there’s a problem with my phone. She even escorted me to Nokia Service Center in another building to prove me wrong. When we went there, the receptionist told me the phone has no problem. The whole unit including the battery, is original. But just to make sure, he asked me if I’m willing to deposit the phone to them for further observation. Ugh! That sucks!

Problem Solved

I decided not to follow Nokia’s advice and observe it myself. The phone reminded me of a laptop computer. It generally heats up if the processor works overtime. It must be true with the phone. Normal functions like calling and texting as well as listening to music and using the camera don’t use too much process.

However, I noticed that the phone periodically scans for wireless connection every two minutes. That commands the phone to detect WiFi access points, thus draining its battery due to continuous work of the processor. So, I removed the scanning feature on the main menu and configure the phone to only look for WLan when needed. It worked! The phone cooled down fast.

Apple MacBook
Certified Gadget Freak

Facing with gadget dilemmas did not discourage me from buying more gadgets. On the last part of my previous post, I mentioned about me salivating on Apple MacBook being flaunted by web design speakers.

Last Saturday, Ervin and I did not go home without bringing one. So we canvassed from Greenhills, to Robinson’s Galleria, to SM Megamall and finally to SM North EDSA (PC Live). Again, armed with a budget of only Php55,000 ($1,156) of my hard earned money which I saved for half a year, I was able to buy the latest Apple MacBook, white 13-inch polycarbonate shell, 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2GB DDR2 Memory, 120GB hard drive and NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics. The laptop has pre-installed Mac OSX and ILife 09. It also comes with free Belkin Laptop bag worth P2,500.

We went home past 10 pm sporting with full grin on our faces. I’m now a neophyte Mac User and a certified Gadget Freak! 😉


2 thoughts on “Gadgets Madness Part Deux

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  1. Hooray Sir Jojo! 🙂 my saliva’s running out with an apple macbook. 10 years more for me having a macbook. Just hoping. hehe 🙂 – and thanks for the book authored by Ed. A big help for being fully loaded christian. 🙂 double hand Thumb up!

  2. Hello Sir Jeff!

    How are you? Thanks for appreciating the book by Ptr. Ed Lapiz. Some of the things I shared with your about the Bible came from that book.

    Yeah! Up to now, I’m still making ooohs and aahhs with my new Apple Macbook. Although I’m still groping with the system, every new thing I learned always amazes me. I already downloaded Iwork ’09 for free. It’s Mac’s equivalent of MS Office but a lot better. I also downloaded MS Office for MAC. The interface was very much different from Windows. I don’t need to install an anti-virus program in my computer because there is (hopefully) none.

    Hope to see you again soon! 🙂

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