Deaf encoders pass government exam

Deaf Encoders at Department of Foreign Affairs (MCCID Alumni in blue box)
Deaf Encoders at Department of Foreign Affairs with MCCID Alumni in blue box (Photo courtesy of Nova Foundation Website)

In my previous post entitled “More Deaf people are given chance for work“, I congratulated all of our deaf alumni who are currently working as encoders in the passport division of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). I also encouraged them to be more patient and faithful with their work because opportunities like this are very rare.

To give you some updates, last Friday (April 17), I visited DFA again. This time, I was with MCCID students Jerome Marzan and Joanna Teves. I was there to assist them in getting their passports. They will be using it in order to participate in the World Deaf Conference this August. They were chosen among the schools for the deaf in the Philippines. I’ll give more details about it in my future posts. I also used that time to know about the latest from our deaf alumni Rona May Savares, Ma. Teresa Vicente, Nonito Visagar Jr., Renato Moran Jr., Emmanuel Cruz and Rumijae Alfred Bubon.

As usual, we were accorded well by the DFA guards. I’m happy that they are slowly adjusting to deaf people. I specifically told them that I cannot assist my deaf students. I need to introduce them to one of their deaf employees and to help them with the processing of their passports. They allowed us to enter the building without much restrictions.

We first saw Rona May. She immediately greeted us and as soon as she was free, she escorted us to the proper authorities. I asked her if we can meet Renato because we will request him to assist my deaf passport applicants. I was told that he transferred to another division located in the 2nd floor of the building. Rona May gladly brought us to Renato’s office.

After some exchange of pleasantries, Renato promised to assist them the following Monday. Rona May also proudly gave us the good news that all of the deaf encoders passed the Competency Based Examination for Data Encoders given by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) last November. This government examination is given to persons who finished any computer course and wants to receive a certificate indicating that they already possessed
the minimum skills and knowledge required in a workplace. If the worker/student passed the assessment, they are issued TESDA
Certificate of Competency (COC) or National Certificate (NC). The certificate outlines the knowledge and competency of the individual in that particular trade or job.

This examination may also be used by the individual as a replacement for the Career Civil Service Examination issued by the Civil Service Commission. Passing this test is an important requirement in order for the rank and file government employee to have a secured job tenure. Since all of the deaf examinees passed the test, they are now eligible to work in any Philippine government agency so long as their position and/or duties include data encoding.

So to all MCCID Deaf alumni and the rest of the employees, congratulations and may you remain faithful with your work. 🙂

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