Philippine Web Designers Organization, Inc.

Philippine Web Designers Organization
In the Philippines, there are thriving graphic arts groups. There are animators’ council. There are bloggers’ group which even rewards their bests. There are SEOs, WPs, SEMCONs, IMMAPs, PWAGs, what-have-yous. All of them revolve around the Internet and involve web designing. Then, why not form a group of web designers? The community is already there. All it takes is to band them together.

PWEDO SEC Registration
Many said it wouldn’t be done. But guess what, we did it! The Philippine Web Designers Organization (PWDO) is now officially recognized by the Philippine government through the Securities and Exchange Commission. After my series of visits to the SEC office for the processing of the documents, I was able to get the certificate on April 13. It’s my own humble way of helping the group because I believe in their ideals and what they want to accomplish. We encouraged our own Philippine Web Accessibility Group to partner with PWDO.


a group of professionals and hobbyists who create human interfaces for the Web, champion the use of standards, accessibility and usability, and aim to uplift the state of web design in the country.

Special thanks to the Plurkers who floated this idea on the air. Congratulations to the PWDO officials Regnard Raquedan (President), Ia Lucero (Treasurer) and Mae Paulino (Secretary) for working their asses off to make this group a reality.

Form Function and Class Logo
What’s next? The Web Design Conference on July 10, 2009 at the Asian Institute of Management, Makati City. See you there!

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