Marlee Matlin’s Scream

Marlee's Book, Photo taken from Jamie Berke's Site
Photo taken from Jamie Berke's Site

International Deaf Icon Marlee Matlin has recently published her autobiography “I’ll Scream Later”. She also guested at CNN’s Larry King Live which I failed to watch. (sigh)

Her book’s revelations about dealing with drug addiction at age 21 while receiving news of her Oscar nomination at the Betty Ford Center and being abused by her ex-lover and former “Children of a Lesser God” co-star William Hurt were shocking news. Mr. King threw two questions at her. One was about the reason why she wants to scream and the other was of course her turbulent and hurtful relationship with Mr. Hurt.

If I were also given a chance to ask her two questions, what would I tell her? Well, the first one is, “If Ms. Helen Keller has an Anne Sullivan, does Ms. Marlee Matlin have one?” I have always wondered at how she was able to “hear” and understand the hearing world. Keller was blessed by having Ms. Sullivan as her faithful mentor and best friend. She was both the eyes and ears of Helen. Was there a similar guiding angel in Ms. Matlin’s life?

My second question would be a bit controversial. “If a mother of a deaf child asks her advice on cochlear implants, what would she tell her?
I read from where Marlee said,

If I were offered a cochlear implant today, I would prefer not to have one. But that’s not a statement about hearing aids or cochlear implants. It’s about who you are.

I believe she has nothing against CIs. But if in the near future where technology became so advanced and almost a miracle that a profound deaf person can hear clearly, what would be her stand?

My first blog about Ms. Marlee Matlin in October last year became an instant hit. It was my all time top post generating more than 2,000 unique views. She has been my favorite and has always used her life as a role model for my deaf students.

Oh, how I wish someone would send me a complimentary copy of her book… I’m pretty sure it won’t be available in local bookshops here in the Philippines. I’ll add it on my wish list on top of my wish for her to visit the Philippines someday.

If Ms. Heather Whitestone was able to come to Manila and performed in front of the Filipino audience, why not Ms. Marlee Matlin? She would surely be a hit here. I was Ms. Whitestone’s sign language interpreter during her week-long stint in the country. It would also be a great honor and a dream come true if I would interpret for Ms. Matlin. I would then get a chance to personally ask those questions to her. 🙂

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