Yay! First 60,000 visits!

Again, more than two months and nine posts later, I now achieved another milestone in my blogging career! Based on my WordPress Blog Stats my blog had been visited 60,000 times! Hooray for me! hehehe

Although these two months have been lean in terms of my blog postings (only nine as compared to 18 two months ago), still, I was able to entice 10,000 visitors to read my blog. Sorry for this. These two months have been busy months for me. Aside from preparing for the opening of our 1st semester classes where we had a blessed experienced for the first time a surge in enrollment for our freshmen, we were getting ready for the “National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week” and the First Philippine Web Design Conference. I’m also doing web design works for companies including a very major one for the government. But I don’t complain. These are blessings from God. Who am I to grumble? 🙂

My top viewers are still the Americans with 41% of the total although they have gone down by 4 points. My Filipino viewers increased to 38% from 33% two months ago. The rest (21%) came from other countries. Most likely the reason for the increase of Filipino visitors is because of my announcement about the indie movie “Dinig Sana Kita” which has generated 12 comments and nearly a thousand page views. Pretty soon, my countrymen would comprise half of my visitors. 🙂

My top blog post remains about “Heather and Marlee” while my top vlog is still “Deaf Stress“.

Now, on to my next 70,000 visitors!

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