Paalam, Madam President Corazon Aquino

Page 9 of a Korean Newspaper showing the Funeral Procession of Former President Aquino
Page 9 of a Korean Daily Newspaper showing the Funeral Procession of Former President Aquino

Last week, nearly a few hours after the announcement of the passing away of former President Corazon C. Aquino, my team was busy preparing for our trip to Seoul, South Korea. We were all saddened by the news. I was very much disappointed that I won’t be around to view her funeral and offer my own sympathy to the Aquino family. It was truly a tragic day for my country and I wasn’t there to mourn with my countrymen.

Confessions of a Marcos Fan

I have a confession to make. I was a true-blue full-blooded Marcos baby. Our family loved the Marcos family, a known nemesis of the Aquino’s. My parents were born and raised in Samar, a “kababayan” of Former First Lady Imelda Marcos. She hails from Leyte, an island near Samar, a Waray. My Dad worked as one of the rank and file employees of the Ministry of Human Settlements, a government agency then headed by Mrs. Marcos. Although we benefited a little from the graciousness of the former First Family, still our admiration was there. We were staunch Marcos supporters. My Dad and I used to join in one of President Ferdinand Marcos‘ nationwide campaign sorties.

My first voting experience was during the 1986 Presidential Snap Elections. Back then, I was a NAMFREL volunteer, a known anti-Marcos poll watching group. I joined that group to prove that they are not biased. During EDSA Revolution (February 22-26), I was with my ROTC classmates stationed at Philippine Christian University (I’m a FEATI University/Polytechnic University of the Philippines alumnus) in Taft Avenue awaiting for the expected doom. In my heart, I prayed that there won’t be any violence and at the same time Marcos’ power would prevail. When Marcos family left the country, my family and immediate relatives shed our precious tears. We subsequently joined Anti-Aquino rallies. We again cried when President Marcos died in Hawaii in 1989. We virtually hated Cory and her cohorts. We hoped that her presidency would not succeed in order to prove that life with Marcos regime is a whole lot better than hers.

A Yellow Ribbon for a Great Leader
A Yellow Ribbon for a Truly Great Filipino Leader

The Cory Magic

John F. Kennedy, the famous US President once said, “With a good conscience our only sure reward, with history the final judge of our deeds, let us go forth to lead the land we love asking His blessing and His help, but knowing that here on earth God’s work must truly be our own.

Years passed and three presidents later, I realized the gargantuan task President Aquino did when the responsibility was given to her by the Filipino people. She became a transition president. She tried her best to fix the horrors of the past while leading the people to a better future. Many protagonists who have hugely benefited from the Marcos regime made their presence felt and attempted to put her down. Some nearly succeeded. But her sincerity and true leadership prevailed.

She was the enemy of no one, including those who have done her wrong. She always carry apologetic words on her lips, ready to give even for those who are up to destroy her and her family. Never mind if they were those who murdered her husband, made unsuccessful coup attempts to her presidency, maligned her family or harshly criticized her regime. Her sincere request for forgiveness is always at hand.

A Nation in Mourning

Last year, when I heard that she was diagnosed with colon cancer, the next thing that came to my mind was my mother. My mom is of the same age as hers and only a few days apart. Pres. Cory’s birthday is January 22 while my mom is February 13. My mom is the source of my strength. President Cory is the one the binds our country’s democracy. What would become of my country should the bastion of democracy leave us? The thought sent me in distress and desperation. Immediately after that, I prayed to God and asked for His healing hands to touch Mrs. Aquino and give her complete recovery following His will. The whole country started to mobilize its prayer brigade to seek Gods miracle.

I prayed and am truly blessed and ever grateful to my Savior and God that my mom is very much alive and strong. In fact, she continues to supervise the day to day activities of our school for the deaf as its registrar. She is the one who is truly faithful and unites our family together.

Now that Madam Cory has left us, I hope that our country remains united in pursuing her dream of a better and united Philippines. The whole country loved and will greatly miss you. We mourn your death.

This time, I want to return the favor to her. To President Aquino, I am truly sorry for all the negativism and hatred that I placed in my heart in the past. I salute and remember your courage, faith in God and sincere love for your country and people. Because of you, we became proud to be Filipinos. Paalam, Madam President!


Btw, if you don’t like what Willie Revillame did in Wowowee during the funeral procession of Pres. Aquino, kindly sign on this petition.

View the actual Wowowee footage here. You may want to view the counter-attack made by Eat Bulaga’s hosts Joey De Leon and Vic Sotto here.

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