Yay! First 70,000 visits!

I promise to mark my 10,000th visits with a blog post so here I am! In less than two months my blog had been visited 10,000 times! Hooray for me! hehehe

So far this is the only time when I blogged the least number of posts (only eight as compared to nine two months ago and 18 for the previous two months). Still, I was able to entice 10,000 visitors to read my blog. Sorry for this.

Wow! These two months have been my busiest in terms of attending workshops and travels. I was in two countries and one out of town trip. In between, I attended two seminars. Tomorrow, I am again scheduled to attend another two-day seminar.

For the first time, my Filipino viewers exceeded their American counterpart. They now comprise 41% of my total viewers. People from USA are now 38% of the total. The rest (21%) came from other countries. I am now penetrating my Filipino readers. 🙂

My WordPress dashboard says that I already made 178 posts with 437 comments and 419 tags. Election fever is starting to engulf our beloved country so my post about Isabela Governor Grace Padaca is now my second topnotcher although the international deaf icons were unscathed in the top.

Now, on to my next 80,000 visitors!


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