Yay! My blog is a finalist again in Philippine Blog Awards!

For the second time, this blog is again one of the finalists! Last year, I belonged to the Commentary Category. This time, it’s a good thing they created a separate category for those blogs that advocate for a specific issue, concern or sector. They named it Advocacy Category. I believe my blog is more fitted here than with last year.

The Philippine Blog Awards Night will be held on October 9 at PETA Theater. After successful editions at RCBC (2006) and One Esplanade (2008), one of the biggest gathering of Filipino bloggers and netizens would be moving in to New Manila to culminate months’ worth of eager anticipation and over a year of quality blogging.

Last year, I volunteered for the event and made a special post on my experience. This year, I don’t think they called for volunteers. Similar to what I said last year, being nominated is already an honor. Winning is just the icing on the cake.  And I don’t expect to lick the icing. 🙂

Here are the finalists in my category. Is your favorite among the list?

Best Advocacy Blog

Autism Society Philippines


discourses of a free mind

Fide Quarens Intellectum

Filipino Deaf from the Eyes of a Hearing Person

Filipino Freethinkers

Foreclosure Philippines

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo RESIGN!

Greenpeace Southeast Asia

Nurses Notes

Congratulations to all the finalists!


3 thoughts on “Yay! My blog is a finalist again in Philippine Blog Awards!

Add yours

  1. i agree with you. being nominated is already an honor and to win is the icing on the cake and for someone who just made her blog public not more than a year ago, i must say to have been made a finalist, and alongside really great blogs, is an honor.

    i just wished that the finalists for this year would get the same small picture that you have at your sidebar. a memento of this humble feat.

    also i’m curious how this particular post was listed on my stat page as one of the incoming links to my site when i don’t see my blog anywhere. 😀

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