Deaf Awareness Week, November 8-14, 2009

Deaf Awareness Week shout out comic
This entry is to shout out the yearly celebration of Deaf Awareness Week in the Philippines.

The Department of Education issued a memorandum to all Bureau Directors, Regional Directors Schools Division/City Superintendents, Heads, Public and Private Elementary and Secondary Schools Special Education Centers and schools with deaf in pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 829 dated November 8, 1991, the 2009 National Observance of Deaf Awareness Week will be on November 8-14, 2009. This year’s theme is “Tinig Ko… Dinggin Mo…” (Hearken to My Voice).

The observance aims to strengthen public awareness on deafness, its preventionand rehabilitation and to ensure the integration of the hearing impaired in themainstream of the society. All public, private, special schools with programs for the deaf and Special Education (SPED) Centers are encouraged to undertake any of the following activities like:

  • hanging of streamers;
  • academic competitions;
  • arts and crafts competitions;
  • visual and performing arts competitions;
  • sports competitions with hearing students;
  • skills training and jobs fair;
  • tiangge exhibits;
  • free screening and sign language;
  • parent symposia on early detection, intervention and education of the deaf; and
  • week long exhibit of education services offered to the deaf.

For more information, please contact the Bureau of Elementary Education, Special Education Division (BEE-SPED), 2/F Bonifacio Building, Meralco Avenue,Pasig City at tei. no.: (02) 631-9993 or e-mail address:


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