And Heaven and Nature Sing!

As I blog my 200th post, what better way to do it than to greet all my readers a Blessed Christmas from my family, my MCCID family and Filipino Deaf community! In spite of the many hardships we experienced this year; typhoons, calamities, business collapse and even personal trials; we should not forget the real... Continue Reading →

“In her life” short video

Watch this 5-minute video about a deaf-blind person and her family. The characters are just fictional. It is presented in sign language. The short video was done by 2nd year students of MCCID College of Technology as part of their Deaf Culture subject. Enjoy!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Cell phones for Deaf People? Great!

Facial expressions are really important in sign language because they supplement the signs and provide a lot of information. They concluded that their cell phone video would have to be clearest in the face and hands, while they could spare some detail in the torso and in the background.

Interpreting 101: To mouth or not to mouth?

She said that the Department of Education is advocating for TOTAL COMMUNICATION and MOUTHING WORDS must be emphasized in teaching. She even commented that the interpreter hired by the organizer was a "pasaway" (too stubborn) because she signs while her mouth is closed. Ouch!

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