More Cebu Pacific Woes

Di na talaga nadala ang Cebu Pacific!

I have blogged about the inefficiency, ineptness, sheer ignorance and rampant violation of human rights against Persons with Disabilities here, here, here, here, here and here. But again, they committed the same mistake as if they never learned!

Here is a news video link from GMA-7 about a mother suing Cebu Pacific for millions of pesos in damages brought about by her humiliation against the airline for forcing her to leave the plane because she is with her special child.

Dapat talaga kasuhan na yan para madala I believe that the company should be sued so that they can finally learn their lesson!

2 thoughts on “More Cebu Pacific Woes

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  1. yes this airlines should be panish by what they have done to there passengers. somehow they think there guest cant do anything with them. they’ve been doing this offensive act for several times. and to that stupid MS IGOT.. yes your company airline has been flying for .. as you’ve said 14 years and you still have the pride to say your giving good service to the public? then what in the hell you called this incident? if one offense was made then its natural but yet lots of complaints has been known to the public. and yet you still got the ball’s to say your a respective airline company? just very clear here that your company is not treating all passenger fairly… be reminded that this so called special childs and any passengers your airlines has is your bread and butter. how this time you’ll be put into suspension for this and hope all parties should be given millions of peso for the damage your so called airlines done.

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